Little Mountain Neighborhood House

Little Mountain Neighborhood House

By: Selva B.
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Strengths and weaknesses are two contradicting terms that in all truths cannot stand alone without the other’s completely reversed identity reinstating the position of the other. This concept is one that is put into action by the Little Mountain Neighborhood House, an organization committed to taking on challenges that are local, regional, and national. They have established their presence by responding to these problems with a perspective that has remained their priority no matter the scope and range of the issue at hand: community help aimed at improving our local neighborhoods.

 The Little Mountain Neighborhood House has been involved in programs aimed at Children and Families, Early Years & Youth, Settlement and adaptation Programs, and other such initiatives. This organization, which expanded its local effort in 1978, is always looking for people who can help by bringing in their strengths and working on their weaknesses in the process: “Whether you are a newcomer or immigrant or would like to support newcomers and immigrants in the community, you can use your existing skills, develop new skills, gain valuable experience, meet new people, and help build community.”

 Your help is greatly valued in different areas such as the Building Welcoming & Inclusive Communities Project, or as a volunteer and mentor. You can get involved with healthy cooking classes (aimed at reducing the chance of diabetes, cardiovascular disease, and obesity in our local communities) or hot lunch and community potluck events. As a tutor or mentor you can work with areas and groups such as family drop-ins, literacy, senior care, child care, and new immigrants with a working knowledge of English.

 You will get to work with families, children, teenagers, young adults, and anyone who is need of your help, one being yourself. By giving back to your community you will enhance and broaden your experience and knowledge in a fundamental way that will prepare you for your personal challenges in the future. This is a position that needs the help of sensitive, motivated, and conscientious people to help enhance the quality of our neighborhoods by taking part in a cumulative and supportive movement to better ourselves, our neighbors, and our communities.

 If you are interested in volunteering with the Little Mountain Neighbourhood House please take a moment to look over the different volunteer positions offered. 

Posted on June 21, 2013