Making A Difference: Love Your Neighbour Club

Making A Difference: Love Your Neighbour Club

By: Yong Khai Hsin
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On Clubs Day of the Spring Semester 2012, I had the opportunity to talk to the executives of Love Your Neighbour Club. Sitting around a table down in AQ, not only did I get a chance to get to know the club better, it also opened my eyes to a great array of possibilities in what we can do to make a difference.

Love Your Neighbour Club was originally formed by a group of young, but passionate youth who wanted to dedicate their time in helping others in need. Passionate to help others live a better life, Love Your Neighbour Club grew from a small community club into an international campus club, expanding and sharing their dedication to help others through means of education, donations, charity events and many more. Today, Love Your Neighbour Club can be found in many schools and universities both locally and globally including places such as New York and Hong Kong, Fiji, Sydney, Melbourne and New Zealand.

When questioned about their motives of joining Love Your Neighbour Club, The executives gave me various reasons and good explanations. Some of them joined for the purpose of getting more involved in the community, others saw how passionate and joyful members of Love Your Neighbour club were, and decided to join since then. A member from Australia, and also a friend of Love Your Neighbour club told me that her reason for joining the club stems from the fact that she got to experience first-hand in helping orphans in Fiji during one of her very first overseas volunteer trip with Love Your Neighbour Home. Not only had she seen how helpful her fellow members were in helping needy people, their good heart and open mindedness gave her further confirmation that this is what she wanted to do and be a part of. Another member from Australia mentioned this, and I quote: “In Love Your Neighbour Club, you don’t actually have to own a lot of money in order to do something. You can actively participate, and this gesture is sufficient enough to make a difference.”

Love Your Neighbour club helps out other organizations such as Light and Love Home. Recruiting volunteers and getting them involved in fundraisers not only raise funds for the organization mentioned above, it also raises awareness for the types of charity work Love Your Neighbour Club are doing right now and that includes, fundraising for a piece of land to build an orphanage home, construct educational programs all over the world and support children to go to school by paying their tuition fee, organizing after school activities for children such as tutoring classes and many more.

In 10 years’ time, Love Your Neighbour Club wants to be recognized all over the world and continue in their quest of helping others by dedicating their time and effort to reach out to those in need.

As a student of SFU, you can help and support Love Your Neighbour Club by donating via writing a check, contribute money on days they fundraise, or even show your support by giving your time by volunteering in their many activities such as helping out at old folks home, volunteering on Sundays by teaching arts and craft to children in the children’s playgroup, or even help out during clubs day and fundraiser events. To learn more about Love Your Neighbour Club, You can sign up during clubs day, join their info sessions, or even find them online by going to their website.
Special thanks to the executives of Love Your Neighbour club for providing pictures for this blog and also taking their time out for a quick interview.
Posted on January 24, 2012