Next Leader’s Network: Volunteer Vancouver

Next Leader’s Network: Volunteer Vancouver

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This time of year can be very bittersweet–sure, maybe you are graduating but that means the never ending job hunt is just around the corner. As many career advisors will tell you, the key to a successful job search begins and ends with networking, networking, networking. But what if corporate networking isn’t really your thing? Volunteer Vancouver has an answer.  The  Next Leader’s Network is a new initiative for young(ish) professionals looking to connect with other people in the not-for-profit sector and learn a few things while they’re at it.

Afton Bell, the Membership Services Coordinator at Volunteer Vancouver, describes the Network as a great opportunity for those students who have just graduated, or are nearing graduation not only because of the networking possibilities in the sector (there is even a special LinkedIn group for members), but also for the different workshops offered to members.

“Our first two events are geared towards two topics of great relevance to recent graduates,” she says.

Indeed, they have a workshop on Ethical Networking coming up at the end of May and a workshop highlighting career paths for young professionals in early September.

Membership for students is a discounted $80 per year and bursaries are also available for those who may need them. So kick start your career in the not-for-profit world and spend your summer gaining valuable insider expertise from professionals already in the sector.  For a full list of membership benefits and for more information on the program and registration, visit the Next Leader’s Network page on the Volunteer Vancouver website.

Posted on April 23, 2009