Open Media: Engage, Educate, Empower

Open Media: Engage, Educate, Empower

By: David Swanson
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“Open Media is a national, non-partisan, non-profit organization working to advance and support an open and innovative communications system in Canada. Their goal is to increase public awareness and educated participation in Canadian media, cultural, and telecommunication policy formation. They strive to make media and telecommunications clear, with broader and more representative public participation. They attempt to shine a spotlight on key media policy developments, and provide essential tools and information for citizen engagement.” -

Open Media’s mission is to:

Engage people using online campaigns and events that apply to everyone, raising civic engagement around media and communications policy in Canada.
Educate people through organizing events, presentations and workshops, and online resources.
Empower individuals using online tools that enable citizens to construct a free flowing structure of open media.

Their programs and initiatives act as community hub for innovative alternate media. Their structure is based on media access, choice, diversity, innovation, and openness.  They believe that every citizen and business in Canada should have access to communications and media infrastructure because it will foster public participation and increase media literacy. In addition, the public should be able to choose what content they are interacting with.  Open media believes that this will lower the price of accessing media and will increase individual involvement with its production. Diversifying media content is essential for facilitating effective choice.  This can be accomplished by altering ownership models, providing resources for non-profit, community media. Finally, Canadian media systems need to drive social and economic innovations so they foster positive change. The only way this innovation can be positive is if it is open.  Freedom of expression and access to information are both key to ensuring Net Neutrality, eliminating gatekeepers and discrimination.

It you want to learn more the organization and the issues it is tackling, please visit their Facebook page or follow them on Twitter.  If you wish to receive a the Open Media newsletter and receive notifications regarding issues of concern, visit and sign up on their homepage.

By David Swanson

Posted on September 22, 2010