Peer Stories: Learning and Writing Peers

Peer Stories: Learning and Writing Peers

By: Sara
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My Experience as a Learning and Writing Peer Educator

 I'm a fourth year Psychology major with a minor in Counseling and Human development. I've been a Peer Educator for two years now and I really enjoy helping other students and being part of the SFU community.

 I felt like I had developed some good learning and writing strategies that I wanted to share with my fellow students and it also seemed related to my major.

As a L&W peer educator I help students check their papers for clarity and sentence structure and logical reasoning. Sometimes students want to learn about general learning and writing strategies, too.

I want to be a counselor in the future and I think being a peer really helps me with my critical thinking, problem solving and listening skills. As a peer educator we get a chance to interact and work with all kinds of people and the supervision we get is great for references.

One of the best parts is meeting lots of different people. And as Learning & Writing peers, we get access common study social space in the Student Learning Commons just for staff and peers.

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Posted on April 02, 2013