Projecting Change Film Festival

Projecting Change Film Festival

By: Chris Ng
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Founded in 2008, the Projecting Change Film Festival (PCFF) hasn’t changed much from before. It still uses engaging films and inspiring speakers to increase awareness and promote change within our local community. It still is the only environmental and social issue film festival in Western Canada. It still brings a “local angle to global issues” as mentioned by Colette Gunson, Executive Director of PCFF. The big change however is the amount of quality films as well as the support it has now, which grew exponentially from 2008.

I watched a film in the PCFF, titled “Climate of Change”. Narrated by Academy Award® winner Tilda Swinton, filmmaker Brian Hill showcases how everyday people around the globe do their part to make a difference in the fight against global warming.

The documentary revolves around school children in India, a London communications agency director, citizens in Appalachia, people from Papua New Guinea and a man in Togo.  All of these people share the same one goal — that is, to save our planet. From protesting mountain top blasting, to reducing the use of plastic in everyday use and even creating solar cookers, these men, women and children band together to sing the tune of sustainability and the love of our Earth, our Mother Earth.

As the guest speaker Severn Suzuki comments, the epitome of the questions asked to her in her week in Vancouver ended up in “what can we do right now?” She responds that “we can all exercise environmental leadership in our own sphere of influence”. She also suggests connecting with We Canada and its work around Rio+20.

As the words of Pooshkar (13 years old) in the film, “we should never forget that we are the renters of this world. Not it’s master.” I want you to let me know what can we do right now to save our planet. Email me at or leave a comment below.

By Chris Ng

Posted on June 07, 2011