Ricepaper Magazine Seeks Videographer Intern

Ricepaper Magazine Seeks Videographer Intern

By: Sabrina Azaria
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Are you experienced in shooting video of events and people? Do you have working knowledge in editing videos, such as color correcting, sound balancing, music selection and special effects? Are you interested in learning more about Asian Canadian arts and culture?

If yes, then now is your chance: Ricepaper Magazine, a national quarterly magazine devoted to showcasing Asian Canadian artists, writers, performers and innovators since 1995, is looking for a Videographer Intern to work part time (about 8-10 hours a month). The magazine is looking for an intern to document their events and exciting new projects such as poetry readings, book launches for Asian Canadian authors, Ricepaper Magazine launch parties, and many more. The Videographer Intern will also have opportunities to interview authors and artists in the local community. The main responsibilities of the intern, however, are to collaborate with the magazine’s team to develop video strategy before the event; to shoot, edit and deliver video of the event; work with the team to finalize video editing; and upload the videos to YouTube.

Now, some of you probably want to know more about the magazine if you’re not familiar with the publication yet. Ricepaper Magazine is published by the Asian Canadian Writers’ Workshop, which has assisted Asian Canadian writers in publishing and showcasing their work since 1969. The magazine’s mandate is to provide an alternative to mainstream media for both readers and advertisers, and it strives to connect the local, national, and global community by challenging the parameters of how Asian Canadians are perceived and defined.

I have been volunteering for the magazine myself since the beginning of this year as an Online Editorial Intern. Needless to say that I love it! Aside from going to literary events and writing blog posts for the magazine, which is awesome, I also had the chance to be published as a reviewer in Ricepaper’s last issue, and to meet with so many awesome people! If you would love to have the chance to network with a lot of amazing, literary people and to be more involved with the Asian Canadian community, I’d say join us at Ricepaper now. For more information on how to apply for the internship position, please visit this page and Ricepaper Magazine’s page.

Posted on May 21, 2013