Richmond Food Bank Society

Richmond Food Bank Society

By: Jeff Anthony
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I was fortunate enough to sit down with the executive director of the Richmond Food Bank Society, Margaret Hewlett, to talk about the success of the organization and the benefits of volunteering.

The Richmond Food Bank Society has been in operation since 1983 when the St. Alban’s Church garnered support from the other churches in the area addressing the issue of hunger in the city of Richmond. Today, the Society is more than just a food bank as it addresses other needs in the city. Montessori-trained staff are available to look after the children in a designated play area while the parents shop, there is a food demonstration area where local chefs demonstrate practical uses of local and ethnic ingredients and a health and wellness area where third and fourth year nursing and healthcare students come offer advice and direction on nutrition and raise awareness of physical and mental issues.

Margaret Hewlett has been the executive director of the society since 1990. She was originally hired as a volunteer coordinator when the Richmond Food Bank Committee approached her about running the facility full time. I asked Margaret about the benefits of volunteering and why graduates should look to pursue it. Margaret mentioned that volunteering is a great way to meet new friends, build your network and help contribute to the success of that charity. In addition, Margaret also feels volunteering for an organization holds the same weight as any professional experience in that field and proves to the hiring manager that you are passionate about the industry.

Margaret’s advice is to find what you are passionate about, then find a charity that delves into that issue and apply. Everyone will be better off for it.


Jeff Anthony is an SFU graduate in Liberal and Business Studies and is working hard to enter the human resources field.

Posted on March 12, 2013