The SFU Bookstore ambassador program.

The SFU Bookstore ambassador program.

By: Rebekah Abebe
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I volunteer for the SFU Bookstore Ambassador Program. I was attracted to the SFU Ambassador program because I desired to increase my experience and skills in an area that is not my strength. Prior to volunteering with the SFU Bookstore Ambassador program my use and knowledge of social media was low. Through volunteering for the SFU Bookstore Ambassador program I have been encouraged to learn about and use social media to advertise and market products.

 A Bookstore Ambassador is an advertiser for the SFU bookstore. An SFU Bookstore Ambassador is given a message to advertise once a week. The message often has to do with products, sales, or events having to do with the bookstore. For example, this week my job as a volunteer is to advertise a competition called “SFU’s Next Top Product”. In this competition a student or a team of students make their own product to sell in the SFU bookstore. There will be judges who will assess the profitability of each product that is shown in competition. For more information you can go totheir website. Besides mentioning this competition in this blog, I will also be advertising this event on Facebook and Twitter. As an SFU Bookstore Ambassador you are encouraged to play to your strengths. Some volunteers make posters that they post on campus, some advertise the bookstore through face to face conversations and many volunteers take advantage of other forms of social media as their avenue to reach as many people as possible.

 If you are looking to enhance your skills in an area that is not your strength or looking for experience in marketing, becoming an SFU Bookstore Ambassador is an excellent way to accomplish these goals.

Posted on June 24, 2013