SFU De-stress Week Recap

SFU De-stress Week Recap

By: Declan Tran
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First of all, the Engagement Peers group would like to say thank you to every student who dropped by, as well as those who were interested but didn’t have a chance to come.

During the week, we handed out free hot chocolate, created ball-pits for students to come and chat while making new friends, all while promoting what we are able to do for students!

It was spectacular to chat with you all about on-campus engagement, as well as other available volunteer opportunities. We are always happy to assist every SFU student in becoming more engaged and present in the community.

The purpose of these De-stress events after Reading Break was to bring everyone back into the school mood and to help students wake-up, while also being able to relax while fighting with school work.

We hope you had fun with our hot chocolate, ball pits, and in-class BUBBLE WRAPS (:D)

Below are some photos of our event.

If you missed our events lately, De-stress Week, Conversation Couches, no worry! Go ahead and apply to be a Peer Educator! There are lots of awesome time and opportunities awaiting you all!  

We look forward seeing you all very soon.

Best of LUCK!

Posted on April 07, 2014