SFU Peer Programs Celebrate the End of Another Successful Year

SFU Peer Programs Celebrate the End of Another Successful Year

By: Kelvin Claveria
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On April 15, 2011, SFU Peer Programs honoured the accomplishments and contributions of this year’s peer educators. The Peer Appreciation Evening, which took place at SFU’s Diamond Alumni Centre, signaled the end of another successful year for the program.

Dal Sohal, Manager of Peer Programs, emceed the event.  We heard first-hand from Dr. Tim Rahilly, Associate Vice President of Students and International, and Professor Andrew Petter, President and Vice-Chancellor of SFU.  During his short speech, President Petter gave kudos to the student volunteers for their contributions in making SFU a student-centred university.

Through short presentations, the different peer groups also had the chance to showcase what they’ve learned the past year. My colleagues Adeelah, Awna, and Sumra prepared a well-received, funny skit that highlighted the services that Career Peer Educators provide. This year’s Peer Health Educators also showed us that they have other talents besides coming up with successful outreach programs: they prepared an awesome and entertaining rap number, complete with props and accessories. The Learning & Writing Peers, English as an Additional Language Peers, and Peer Coaches also presented to the group.

The night ended with the presentation of certificates. We were treated with great food and company that night —  it’s a wonderful way of wrapping up a fantastic year with the Peer Programs.

As a Career Peer Educator this year, I just have to express how wonderful my experience has been. Through the Peer Programs, I’ve had the chance to work on several of my core competencies, and I believe that this will help a lot as I enter the workforce.  The skills I’ve learned (which included resume, cover letter and interview preparation) are valuable practical tools that I can use immediately. It has been an absolute pleasure as well to work with like-minded students who are all passionate, smart, and kind. The staff at SFU Career Services provided useful feedback and help whenever necessary. Needless to say, I recommend being involved with the Peer Programs to all SFU students looking for meaningful on-campus opportunities.

By Kelvin Claveria

Photos: Iris Eom

Posted on April 18, 2011