SFU Recital Society

SFU Recital Society

By: Jerry Lee
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When I received an email about Clubs Days, I promptly marked that day on my calendar and began to imagine all of the clubs that I could join. It was my first semester back at SFU after studying for 3 years at another program at Capilano University. I felt like I was a lonely new transfer student again… So naturally, I wanted to make new friends as soon as possible.

At Clubs Days, I casually walked past booth after booth. Some were kind of interesting (like the radio station club or the club that builds robots), however, as soon as I heard someone play smooth jazz on the piano, I hurried over towards the pianist.

The pianist was playing a keyboard at a booth with a banner that declared “SFU Recital Society”. As a musician myself, I felt that this was it. The pianist looked up at me and asked me if I could also play the piano. I got on the keyboard and started to play my own jazzy version of ‘Twinkle Twinkle Little Star.’ Very quickly, another club member picked up a guitar and we began to jam at the booth. Needless to say, I quickly became a happy member of the club and met lots of great people.

SFU Recital Society’s mission is to bring together SFU students who have a passion and enjoyment for music. They engage the students through musical events such as workshops that develop singing, piano, violin, or guitar. A notable event is the semester end concert where SFU students get together and share their musical skills.

If you are musician or someone who enjoys live music, SFU Recital Society is a great club to be a part of. Even if music is not your thing, I strongly encourage you to join at least a club or two (I personally joined five). It is a great way to meet other people who are also passionate about whatever you enjoy in life. Life is meant to be shared and enjoyed with others. Do not go through your university life where all you did was study and complain about the commute. Make new friends! When you take a moment to reminisce about your own memories…the best things in life are not what you have accomplished on your own, but the memories and experiences you shared with the people you care about.

Posted on October 23, 2013