A Stroll with Artistry

A Stroll with Artistry

By: David Swanson
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Are you interested in volunteering with an organization that values artistic interpretation, creative thinking and local history? If you do, then Walking Home Yaletown Public Art (WHYPA)is the perfect opportunity for you to learn, analyze, and interact with your community.

WHYPA is a collaborative community art project for youth ages 15-25. Basically, you walk through Vancouver, interpreting and discussing Public Art . It is a really progressive and dynamic means for dissecting socially significant features of Vancouver’s public landscape. In the sessions, people use storytelling, drawings and sound to share their experience about walking through the city. You will also analyze the public art through the interpretations of artists, architects, and historians. This allows for the participants to think creatively and learn from past academic interpreters.

WHYPA is looking for youngsters who are creative thinkers, like walking, art, architecture, mapping, community, history and urban/ social planning.

They meet in downtown Vancouver Tuesdays and Thursdays, 1:30-4:30pm from June 29 to July 29, 2010. During participation, and volunteering, professionals will mentor youth participants to create responses to program content via mapping, drawing, writing, blog posts, podcasting.

For volunteers,Walking Home will provide snacks for every session, fund transportation, and at the end of the program, provide a $100.00 honorarium and a certificate of completion from Immigrant Services Society.

Participants will volunteer 4 hours of their time during the program to help set up the session and prepare food

For more information contact Laurie or Catherine at walkinghomeprojects@gmail.com and check out walkinghomeprojects.blogspot.com

By David Swanson

Posted on July 08, 2010