Support KidSafe Project Society in the BMO Vancouver Run4Hope Marathon

Support KidSafe Project Society in the BMO Vancouver Run4Hope Marathon

By: Natalie Poon
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I’ve never been a runner, so naturally I thought helping a not-for-profit look for marathon runners would pretty much be impossible. But my friends and I created an SFU team of runners and this experience has been more than rewarding. Working with a not-for-profit is really more than just the event, but it is about who you’re helping and how you’re contributing to the cause.

KidSafe Project Society is a Vancouver not-for-profit organization that began in 1993, when an 8 year old child was brutally beaten, then abandoned in a vacant Vancouver east-side apartment. Outraged, the community created the organization to provide vulnerable children with a safe place to go to when school is out. KidSafe provides after school and summer/winter/spring break programs for children aged 5-13, providing them with nutritious meals, emotional support, educational field trips and opportunities for social development.

What really motivated us was realizing how much of a change being part of KidSafe is for these children. Every 1 out of 5 children in Metro Vancouver lives in poverty, and that doesn’t even include those who are victims of abuse, neglect, hunger and loneliness. For most of us, school was a place we dreaded waking up for. But for vulnerable children, school was a place for them to escape.

The work KidSafe does really warmed our hearts, and so we decided to help them with their next event – the BMO Vancouver Run4Hope Marathon. It is taking place on May 3, Sunday, and we already have a very avid group of SFU students running for the charity! By choosing to run 8km, a Half-Marathon, a Full-Marathon, or relay, you’ll be joining KidSafe’s Team of Heroes. Heroes will be given a support package as well as personal support to make fundraising easy and stress free. You will also receive a free t-shirt and registration discount.

Run for KidSafe!

Please contact Brendon Chia at to register with a discount or for more information regarding the run and the charity. We are hoping to raise awareness of how to help children in need, and are appreciative of all the support! Please remember it’s not about running, it’s about the children who benefit from KidSafe.

By joining our SFU running team, you will also be taking part in our fundraising event happening in March (with updates to come!)


Feel free to contact us at for any questions or comments about KidSafe or the run. We hope you can join, and look forward to seeing you! 

Lead Image: KidSafe Project Society

Posted on March 17, 2015