Sustainable SFU

Sustainable SFU

By: Selva B.
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Being a part of the SFU community has always meant looking for ways to increase our community’s awareness to approaches that enhance sustainability. This goal is one that has always been prioritized by our university; however, it is essential to understand that for this goal to be put into action we must all be active participants.

In respect to this campus-wide goal we have formed a group of individuals who have been given the responsibility of keeping up our current sustainable standards, but more importantly, the innovation of new methods of sustainability.

The Action & Advocating (A&A) group incorporates fresh and original ideas from the student body to help execute new plans for a more sustainable SFU. Some of the projects that have been initiated by the A&A include reducing the amount of waste materials created by the SFU community (Zero Waste Project) and encouraging options that promote low carbon transportation. The administration of such projects requires the cooperation of staff, faculty members, fellow students, and even governmental officers; participation is an excellent way for students who are interested in sustainability to gain a valuable and comprehensive experience!

So how can you get involved exactly? The most important action that is entrusted to us is to educate ourselves about the different operations that are available on our campus, so as to gain a better knowledge of how we can respectfully follow the guidelines provided by this team. On a more active level, individuals can become involved directly by applying for positions as a sustainable Peer Educator. Areas of concentration include sustainable methods for Academic and Curriculum, Waste, Carbon Neutral Program, Local Food, and other such projects. Check out more here!

By applying through the sustainable Peer Educator program you can become an active community member who is in charge of the daily demands that help maintain our mutual efforts on campus. That being said, this position also provides members a chance to bring new ideas to the program. If innovation is what you are interested in and you already have a project in mind, look no further! The Sustainable Community Grant offers financial support for those who are ready to take charge and lead SFU to a more promising and sustainable future. Take a look to find the position that motivates you to make SFU sustainable.

Posted on June 21, 2013