By: Selva B.
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When you think of what it means to be an engaged individual, a lot of the times the phrase itself is a trigger for one’s imagination to leap to visions of busy work and high intensity activities. As true as this view may be, we must not forget the fundamental step that is found prior to all acts of engagement; engaging our minds to search for new possibilities and new means to provide our services to our communities and interactive society. 

A lot of us are familiar with the popular TEDx talks which as the slogan goes “Share Ideas Worth Spreading.” TEdx is mostly known for their informative conferences varying in topic and manner of presentation; however, there is one underlying theme that runs through these different presentations: Active discussion of global ideas. It is with respect to the previously discussed effects of engaging our thoughts to reach new ideas that I present to you the most recent initiative of the TEDx Conferences, TEDxChange.

TEDxChange 2013 has promised to break all previous notions and keep only one new ideology: positive disruption. The meaning of the word disruption often carries with it a negative connotation of an unwanted series of actions interrupting a series of previously planned events, and this is exactly the point this new campaign wants us to fully understand. It is only by means of breaking old habits and stepping away from our regular routines that we may embark upon a path that brings about change. In this case, positive changes by means of engaging our thoughts to stimulate new ideas that can eventually lead on to action that virtually impact our society in profound ways!

As stated by TEDxChange, “To solve the most intractable challenges in health and development, we need positive disruption. It is the path to true progress.” So, I invite all you who are looking for ways to become engaged in our community to take part in the TEDxChange campaign by tuning in and listening to their conference about positive disruption. This is your chance to become engaged individuals in a global setting where ideas are indeed worth spreading.

For more information please visit the TEDxChange website.

Posted on April 08, 2013