Vancouver Rape Relief: Challenging Male Violence Against Women and Children

Vancouver Rape Relief: Challenging Male Violence Against Women and Children

By: Kathryn Lim
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Vancouver Rape Relief and Women’s Shelter (VRRWS) operates as an independent women’s group.  This non-profit charity was founded in 1973 and, today, holds an international reputation for its excellent work for.  The VRRWS is dedicated to challenging social attitudes, laws, and institution procedures that encourage male violence against women and children.

Here are some of the things that VRRWS does to work towards their goals. They:

  • Run a 24 hour crisis line
  • Run and manage a safe shelter for battered women and their kids
  • Have a number of campaigns relating to women’s equality and ending violence against women
  • Emphasize teaching and learning about violence against women by uncovering a range of issues

Here’s a testimonial from a current SFU student and former volunteer for the VRRWS Crisis Line and Women’s Shelter:

“In my time as a volunteer at Vancouver Rape Relief and Women’s Shelter, I had the benefit of working alongside many amazing and dedicated women. It began as a way to gain work experience but became much more. While working in the transition house and on the crisis line I met many women each with unique yet similar stories of male violence. I learned how to advocate for these women in any way needed including their encounters with the police, medical professionals, and government agencies. Most importantly I became painfully aware of the class, gender and racial inequalities that often go unnoticed in Canada. Rape Relief is a community that works tirelessly to rectify these injustices and end male violence.”

The VRRWS is always looking for volunteers.  There can never be too many people working towards the eradication of male violence against women and children.  For more information, you can call (604) 872-8212 or visit their website  This article only gives a brief overview about what VRRWS does and what they advocate, but what can be emphasized is that women’s equality and safety is an issue that concerns both men and women.

You can also visit their Facebook page.

Wondering how can you fight gender inequality and violence against women? Comment below so we can discuss the options.

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By Kathryn Lim

Posted on February 01, 2011