Volunteer with Canadian Blood Services

Volunteer with Canadian Blood Services

By: Selva Bayat
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As we all know, it’s just about that time of year where we can take a deep breath, and for a moment, enjoy what we like to do best. You guessed it, the holiday season is almost upon us!  We have all been anxiously awaiting this time of year, not only for the chance to take our well-deserved breaks, but because it’s the holiday season when strangers smile at one another in passing as they enjoy a nice hot cup of peppermint hot chocolate. It’s the season of giving back, whether it be through a simple smile that could brighten up someone’s morning, or spending some of your time volunteering during the holidays. With that said, we should all look to do more than spend each moment tending to our own holiday to-do lists. Don’t worry, you’ll still have plenty of time to enjoy your well-deserved break. But you’ll also feel even more jolly this holiday season having done some good in your very own community!

Canadian Blood Services is always looking to engage the community. For them, the selfless act of giving blood, and giving back to the community, is all year round.  We are all familiar with their well-phrased slogan, “It’s in you to give,” and, well, it really is!  It’s amazing just how much of an immediate impact this can have on the community and for people who are in need.  So, during this holiday season, simply visit the Canadian Blood Services website to see if you are an eligible candidate for the job. You can also pick up your very own volunteer package from the closest branch to easily get all the information you need!  Don’t hesitate. It’s in you to give.

Original article by Selva B., edits by Chris Gal-lang

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Posted on December 01, 2012