Volunteer Opportunities at Richmond Youth Service Agency (Part 2)

Volunteer Opportunities at Richmond Youth Service Agency (Part 2)

By: Kelvin Claveria
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Yesterday, Janet Woo, RYSA Manager of Resource Development, shared with us her past experiences working with SFU volunteer students, and today she gives us her two cents about the benefits of volunteering and why SFU students should get involved with RYSA and in their community…

Q: What benefits can volunteers expect from a volunteer experience with RYSA?

A: Volunteers can expect a meaningful and rewarding volunteer experience. Since RYSA runs several different children and youth programs, volunteers can volunteer for a program they are interested in. If a volunteer is looking to develop their teaching and speaking skills or confidence while making a difference in the life of a child, they can volunteer for our Generations Homework Club (GHC) program. The GHC is an after-school program where elementary school children get help with their homework from a volunteer tutor. If a volunteer is looking to improve their writing skills and is looking to enter a career in journalism/communications/media, then our newsletter team is a great start. All our volunteers will learn transferrable skills that they can use in the future or for their resume.

Also, our volunteers have access to upcoming job openings at RYSA, which they can apply for if they feel they have the necessary qualifications. We also recognize our volunteers through special volunteer appreciation events. For example, this year we will be sending eight volunteers to the Volunteer Richmond’s Volunteers Are Stars Gala.

Q: Why is it important for SFU students to be involved with RYSA?

A: It is important for SFU students to be involved in their community! It would be great if SFU students choose to volunteer with RYSA, but it is more important that they want to make a difference in the lives of others and the world around them. Our volunteers spend endless hours helping our programs and making real differences in the lives of children, youth and families in our community. Whether it is creating awareness about youth issues or help setting up for an event, our volunteers have been an integral part of RYSA.

So the question should be more like “Why would RYSA want to be involved with SFU students?” It is because RYSA wants SFU students to make a difference and become mentors to younger people. RYSA would love to help SFU students achieve their full potential and allow students to develop and apply practical skills they can use for the future!

To learn more about RYSA, visit their website or take a look at their blog.

Note: The online newsletter writer opportunity might be best suited for students in Communications and Publishing who’d like to gain some media and PR experience and who’d like to develop a portfolio of work. 

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By Kelvin Claveria

Posted on November 17, 2009