Volunteering as an International Student

Volunteering as an International Student

By: Jeff Anthony
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As an instructor that assists international students with obtaining jobs after they graduate, I am often asked how students can either practice their English to help them in job interviews or, since we discuss the hidden job market in great length, how they can expand their network.

One of the pieces of advice I offer is to volunteer at an organization they feel strongly about. There are many international causes that support offices locally that they can apply to and I also mention that international students have a strong skill set that is needed for that organization: bilingualism. As I wrote in an article previously, one particular organization found it extremely useful to have people on hand that could help with the language barrier and bridge the cultural gap. I have also written about how the executive director of a particular organization equated volunteer experience to work experience and felt it carried a lot of weight.

It is always said that you never know where you are going to land your next job, but expanding your network and gaining valuable experience by simply working/volunteering with an organization near to your heart will help you increase your odds of finding that job.

Posted on May 23, 2013