Volunteering for United Way Canada and the United Way Book Sale at SFU

Volunteering for United Way Canada and the United Way Book Sale at SFU

By: Kerri J
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You may have seen their PSA's on T.V. or their ads in the newspaper, but chances are that you are familiar with the prominent red logo associated with United Way. However, when it comes to this organization's work and exactly how you can contribute to their cause, you might find yourself at a loss. So to get you updated on exactly who United Way is and what it does, here are some fast facts about the organization:

WHO does United Way help?

The United Way’s efforts are aimed at helping those who are most vulnerable in a community – including children and elders.

WHAT does United Way do to help?

They have a number of programs to move individuals out of poverty as well as to help lonesome seniors.

HOW does United Way help?

There are various events and campaigns that the United Way holds to raise proceeds and to raise awareness of issues our communities face. This past September in Vancouver they had the “United Way Kick-Off: – a family friendly event with various activities. They also have a “Day of Caring” where employees can come together for a day in order to work on a community project. Yet, those are just two of MANY events and campaigns that United Way is a part of.

To get started with volunteering for this organization, you are encouraged to visit the United Way Canada site, and to contact the United Way Centraide closest to you.

Unable to volunteer? Don’t worry! You could still participate in this year’s “United Way Care to Change Video Competition,” helping direct attention to social issues in Canada. It’s a great way to give back and raise awareness while having fun!

Also, you may be surprised to know that SFU has close ties to the charity, and will be holding events in support of United Way in the upcoming weeks of November! At the SFU Burnaby, Surrey, and Vancouver campuses there are plenty of opportunities to get involved and assist United Way, as well as to donate and help the SFU community reach the goal of raising a total of $175,000. In fact, one of the events, the Smackdown Faculty Debate, has already occurred! "Last week's Smackdown Faculty Debate kicked off the United Way campaign better than I could've imagined. Students did a great job of nominating faculty known for their sense of humour. The 13 faculty that took part - including a moderator - had the audience of 200 people in stitches, laughing the entire hour. We raised $1400 towards SFU's United Way Campaign for the Lower Mainland," SFU’s United Way campaign chair Gwynne Roseborough dished. Whether you are looking to volunteer or participate in the events, here are some of the many wonderful events at each of the campuses:

  • November 15th - Visit the Vancouver campus from 9a.m. to 3p.m. for a book sale, as well as a bake sale. The perfect mix of shopping and sweets!
  • November 20th-22nd - Starting at 9a.m. each day, do not make the mistake of walking past the piles of books at the book sale in the Burnaby AQ.
  • November 29th - From 10a.m.-3p.m. do not miss Market on the Mezz at the Surrey campus. From items for sale, to pictures with Santa you'll definitely be entertained!

Want to Volunteer?: By following this link and completing the web survey, you can help United Way without wandering far from your lecture halls.

If you are currently unable to donate your time, consider donating your books! You have until November 16th to bring books for the book sale to the Bennett Library. For a complete list and description of events at SFU in support of the United Way you can check out the list compiled on their website.

Kerri is currently in her second year at SFU and working toward her degree in Business. Through her posts on the ENGAGE blog she hopes to inspire other students to take initiative and become engaged, both at SFU and within their communities.

Posted on November 13, 2012