Want To Become A SFU Surrey Student Ambassador? Here's How!

Want To Become A SFU Surrey Student Ambassador? Here's How!

By: Kim Huynh
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Before I delve into how to become a student ambassador, you may be wondering what the SFU Student Ambassador Program really is. In a nutshell, it is a program that recognizes the volunteer work that SFU students are involved in. As a Student Ambassador, you are given a heads-up on multiple volunteer opportunities on campus such as volunteering for special campus events (such as the annual Open House), give tours of the campus, visit high schools to talk about the SFU experience, and many other related opportunities. The Student Ambassador Program is a great program for those interested in meeting new people, gaining new skills and experiences, and being able to put “Student Ambassador” on their resumes.

Becoming an SFU Student Ambassador is fairly easy and has just TWO easy steps:

Step one: Go to http://www.surrey.sfu.ca/sa/ and on the left-hand side click “Register as a Student Ambassador”

Step two: Click “Positions Available” under the ‘Volunteer!’ heading on the top left-hand side of the webpage

More information about this program can be found also be found at the same website (http://www.surrey.sfu.ca/sa/) Just click “Program Information” under SA program on the top right-hand side!

Posted on March 17, 2014