By: Chris Ng
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What did I do on Canada day?

I organized and was part of a flash mob.

This past July 1st was WE CAN Day – a day to celebrate Canada together while discussing emerging issues on sustainability that will be a key part of the upcoming 2012 Earth Summit. The flash mob was basically a large group of people standing together to spell out “WE CANADA” and then “OUI CANADA” across the plaza. At the same time, identical flash mobs took place in cities across the country to promote awareness of the 2012 Earth Summit and the necessity for sustainable development.

We Canada is a nation-wide initiative that is leading a civil society movement for Canadian leadership at the 2012 Earth Summit. We Canada is about talking, about sharing, about creating a community of engaged citizens around common ideas and concerns for our future. Our goal is to send ONE MILLION messages to our leaders before the Earth Summit to show that sustainable development is important to Canadians.

The event on a whole was successful albeit some minor difficulties in the early parts due to cold weather, but as the sun shined so did the people flocking the plaza. This incredible volunteer-run event was a huge success, from the cake by Kreations (as seen in the picture) to the capoeira dance performance by Axé Capoeira.

There were workshops going around all day, headed by leading environmental think-tanks such as One Earth (How to lead social change for sustainability), Fair Trade Vancouver (Now You Know [how your food is grown]) and Village Vancouver (Building fun & resilient communities neighbourhood by neighbourhood). But I would say the highlight of the day (aside from the amazing OUI/WE CANADA flash mob) is the Vancouver-born, internationally recognized artist Garett Campbell Wilson’s live 3 canvas painting with the contemporary violinist Suzka Mares and traditional indigenous dancing by Shyama Priya. The performance made me realize about how the world we live in today is actually a living being and of the many possible destinies that lie ahead for us (me, you and the world together).

Want to learn more about We Canada and their initiatives? Visit us at earthsummit.ca.

By Chris Ng

Posted on July 05, 2011