What’s YOUR cause? Health Promotion and Prevention

What’s YOUR cause? Health Promotion and Prevention

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What’s your cause?

      “My passion in health and wellness inspire me to reach out to others”

Madiha Mahmood
“Health Matters” Host and Producer, CJSF
Undergraduate, Health Sciences

If you have ever heard the Health Matters radio show on SFU’s campus radio station, CJSF, you know very well who Madiha Mahmood is and what her cause is all about. As host and producer of the bi-weekly show, Madiha has the freedom to tailor her program to express her passion–to increase awareness of health promotion and prevention. A third year Health Sciences student, Madiha has always had an interest in health. “In elementary school, I always wanted to be a doctor” she reflects. “University gave me a chance to experiment and explore the area [of health] further”.

And explore she has, also taking on roles as a Peer Health Educator with the Peer Programs at SFU and acting as the Health Sciences Faculty Representative for the Simon Fraser Student Society, both of which reflect the importance she places on outreach activities.  “As a member of the Peer Health Nutrition team, you can see the difference you are making for people in the one-on-one interactions” she says. “Many students aren’t aware of the facilities and resources that exist to help them, which is why this kind of promotion is so important.”  It is that desire to reach as many people as possible with her take home message general health and wellness promotion that comes through in her programming for Health Matters. “We have a broad audience so we want to touch on every little topic as much as possible to appeal to everyone’s needs”.

To those who say they don’t have the time to get involved, Madiha encourages them to think again. “Volunteering and giving back to the community have lots of benefits” she says. “If you are doing something you enjoy it helps keep you focussed and you enjoy the process [of being involved]“.  Always one to take the opportunity to spread her message, she adds a caution: “Knowing your priorities is important in keeping a balance. You want to make sure you still get enough sleep and eat properly”.

With all these voluntary experiences filling her schedule, even Madiha has struggled with this. “Eventually you get the hang of it” she reassures. “If you are passionate about something, you can overcome any obstacles”.


Posted on March 27, 2009