What’s YOUR cause? A Meaningful Adventure!

What’s YOUR cause? A Meaningful Adventure!

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Want to make your next trip fun and meaningful? Sima Gerami, a future group leader for Developing World Connections, has some great ideas for you…

Developing World Connections (DWC) is a non-for-profit organization that connects volunteers to developing countries where they can provide assistance and care to those in need while traveling abroad. For instance, Sima went to South Africa to help build a community kitchen for a disadvantaged neighborhood last year.This summer, she will lead a volunteer group to Swaziland and teach literacy classes to young orphans.

Swaziland is a very small country in South Africa, well known for its overwhelmingly kind and friendly people and, sadly, also reputable for having the highest H.I.V. infection rate in the world. Additionally, the dire conditions of regular food shortages, lack of social services and a crippling economy all contributed to a growing generation of orphans and citizens whose average life expectancy is just over thirty-two years.

For the first part of the project, Sima and her volunteers will assist DWC’s host partner, SOS Children’s Villages, to provide care for orphaned and abandoned children. Currently, SOS has several orphanages in South Africa and operates Care Points in rural communities, providing food, education and psychosocial care to orphans and vulnerable children. Sima will spend half of her trip teaching classes to young children and volunteering at SOS’s orphanages.

She will volunteer the rest of her time in Swaziland to build a community center that will be used to educate, feed and care for hundreds of orphans in the future. During her stay there, Sima and her volunteers will stay in a hostel rented by DWC. So, volunteers can expect to live in a communal environment where they will learn to cook their own meals (miss your mom or your ready-to-eat meals already?).

Volunteers will be expected to work full-time during the week with the weekends off to tour around the country (and have fun!). The project is scheduled for six weeks where volunteers will get to go on a cultural tour to visit some of the best places in Southern Africa during the last week.

If you are interested in going on enlightening and enjoyable adventures and getting your hands dirty working on meaningful projects, visit Developing World Connections’ website: http://www.developingworldconnections.org/CMS/ or contact Sima (sima@developingworldconnections.org). Currently, they have projects in Guatemala, Sri Lanka, Kenya, Rwanda, Swaziland, Cambodia, India and Peru.

Start your meaningful adventure now and make the world a better place!

Posted on September 30, 2009