What Was The Last Great Canadian Film You Saw?

What Was The Last Great Canadian Film You Saw?

By: David Ly
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From personal experience, making it as a writer in University can get pretty frustrating as it’s challenging to start getting to know the right people. But when an opportunity for exposure comes along, grab it! Founder of Canadian Film Review, Kindah Mardem-Bey knows the difficulties of being known all too well, which is why she started CFR:

When I graduated from University I didn't have any connections or experience so my dreams of becoming a part of the Canadian entertainment industry dwindled. It took me a long time to establish myself. But now, see the writers who have been a part of the Canadian Film Review, are now Publicists with major film festivals, writing for major publications, photographers and even doing amazing things like covering the Olympics! We provide the opportunities but what you make of it is up to you.

          - Editor-In-Chief, Kindah Mardem-Bey

Managing Editor at Canadian Film Review, Alana Marchetto says that “volunteering with the CFR offers a place to hone your craft, develop your personal writing voice and gather contacts for the future.” And developing your own voice in the entertainment industry is a biggie. CFR encourages volunteer writers to ALWAYS produce work that is always tailored with their own, honest opinions to showcase authentic reception to works by fellow Canadians.

“A typical week can be whatever the writer really feels compelled to do. There are always new Canadian Films to review, festivals to attend, web-series to review, TV shows to recap and personal interest articles to write. It's really all about what the writer is interested in.”

          - Managing Editor, Alana Marchetto

So, what are you waiting for? Do you have a writer’s itch, and want to get into the entertainment industry but simply don’t know where to start? Check out Canadian Film Review!

Website: http://canadianfilmreview.com/

Posted on February 24, 2014