When Other People Say “Thank You “ To You

When Other People Say “Thank You “ To You

By: Rui Wang
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Like many students who have a great desire to find volunteer experiences in order to build up their resume, I am also busy applying for volunteer positions every semester. When I search for volunteers positions online, I always want to find something  good to add to my resume. I gradually find, however, that volunteering is not only good for gaining experience and  building your resume, but what is more important is that we can help those in need and make a wonderful contribution to the community.

I used to be very unsure of myself as a student and I still feel pretty shy talking to strangers, even when I need help. Also, I have a strong accent and I easily confuse others when I talk to them.  When I started volunteering for the Kiwassa Neighbourhood House as a receptionist, I did not feel very confident in the beginning. Every time I volunteer there, I talk to a lot of people that I have never met before by phone and in person. They ask questions about the programs or day-to-day events. Since they do not know I am not a native English speaker, some of them become impatient with me when I ask them to repeat what they say. This actually leaves me feeling so anxious when I talk to them. Things began to change, however, when more and more people have said “thank you” to me. For example, when some clients come to Kiwassa for an appointment, I would phone the staff members and tell them their clients have arrived. Some clients do not know how to get to the office, and I would have to guide and direct them. Some of the clients wait for staff members for a long time, and when the staff members do not show up, I make coffee for them. And once these clients leave their appointment and pass the front desk, they smile and say “thank you” to me. I can feel that they are satisfied with my service and their appreciation of me. Because of their thankful attitude, I am more confident and passionate about helping people in need.  

I really enjoy volunteering at the Kiwassa Neighborhood House and I think the reason why is not only because it helps me build up my resume, but also because it helps me feel that I am more capable of helping others.

Posted on March 26, 2013