Why Are There No Volunteer Positions for Chinese Teachers?

Why Are There No Volunteer Positions for Chinese Teachers?

By: Rui Wang
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When I volunteered in Light and Love Home as a computer teacher, my student, who is about 65 years old, said she felt so lonely at home and that her grandson seldom talked to her because he cannot speak Mandarin.  She said she had spent most of her life working and taking care of her son, despite her tough times when she first came to Canada. She also took care of her grandson after he was born, adding to her busy life. However, she does not get much concern from her family members as she gets older because she cannot communicate with younger generations in English very well. Even when she wanted to learn some basic computer skills and tried to entertain herself at home, none of her family members were willing to spend the time to teach her. This was probably since her son had to work all day long and her grandson could not speak to her in Mandarin.

I have searched goVolunteer many times and have never found any volunteer positions for a Chinese teacher. Instead, there are lots of volunteer positions for ESL (English as a Second Language) teachers. In my opinion, some communities need to provide volunteer services for Chinese classes to help younger generations communicate with older generations. Otherwise, some Chinese seniors would feel isolated and lonely at home. Besides, a Chinese class can be as popular as an ESL class. As more and more Chinese immigrants come to Canada, they need Chinese services in lots of places, such as banks, stores etc. Thus, being able to speak Mandarin can become an advantage for a competitive job market. As a result, lots of young people would want to learn Chinese. Furthermore, lots of Chinese International students would like to apply for these types of volunteer positions because they want the volunteer experiences to build up their resume.

Since Canada is a multicultural country, all the culture and languages around the world are worthy of being valued. Although English and French are two the official languages in Canada, other languages such as Chinese, Japanese, and Italian are also very important for maintaining the cultural diversity in Canada. Thus, volunteer roles for Chinese classes are not only desirable but also essential in Canada.  

Posted on January 04, 2013