Why Not Become an Event Photographer?

Why Not Become an Event Photographer?

By: Rui Wang
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Many Chinese International students complain about the disadvantages they have to Canadian-born students in the Canadian media job market because they are not as good at writing articles in English. These students are worried that they are losing their edge. Communication, however, is not only about writing. Communication is also about design and art. I have recently seen many postings for the position of event photographer on govolunteer.ca. I think being an event photographer is another great way to engage yourself, especially for those students who are not as good at writing articles in English.

First off, there is no language barrier for people to appreciate the beauty of an image, or to understand the meaning behind an image. Sometimes, photos can be much more impressive than written articles when promoting events.  With that said, why not engage yourself in volunteering as an event photographer and promote events if you have a talent for taking photos?

Secondly, volunteering as a photographer is a good opportunity for you to build up your own portfolio. Whether you are just travelling and taking photos or taking pictures at other events for fun, media companies would like to see evidence of your work and your ability to promote events through images. It is very important for you to build your own portfolio as you get more volunteer experience as a photographer and to make sure you have these photos readily available for showcase.

Thirdly, being an event photographer can motivate you to learn more about image software such as Photoshop. Along with photography, it is important that you continue to understand production techniques because media companies are looking for professional quality photos for their events which may be shown on posters or the web. You have to figure out how to refine photos by using computer software, and continue to teach yourself how become more proficient in using these helpful programs. Besides, time is limited when you want to take photos of some events. You will want to learn how to take good photos and manage your time as well as a professional photographer. What better way to start learning by volunteering as an event photographer!

Instead of complaining about your disadvantages, gain your own edge by volunteering. Maybe it’s time for you take out your camera and get involved by being a volunteer event photographer. Be proactive, stay engaged, and continue to build your experiences for your future career!

Posted on February 18, 2013