Why Not Try a Long Term Volunteer Position?

Why Not Try a Long Term Volunteer Position?

By: Rui Wang
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When I search “go volunteer,” two types of volunteer positions come up. Some of the volunteer positions last only for 1-3 days, while others last for much longer.  In my opinion, it is better to find a long term volunteer positions than short term.

Firstly, long term volunteer positions will more likely prepare you for a real working environment. Some students find it very difficult to keep up with the pace of work once they graduate. Long term volunteer positions can help you get accustomed to the fast pace of working in a real context.

Secondly, you can find many ways to maintain your enthusiasm about volunteering for longer term volunteer projects. One or two day events may interest you for only about few hours, but long-term volunteer positions can maintain your interest for a longer period of time.  Since you have more time to get familiar with an organization’s operations, you will always look for ways to improve your efficiency and enjoyability.

Thirdly, long term volunteering will be better for your resume. One or two day volunteer projects do not show the same commitment or consistency as long term volunteer experiences. Some employers may be skeptical about your ability to work for long periods of time.

Long-term volunteering may be hard to commit to, but if you can find the time, it is a very good opportunity to improve yourself and better prepare you for your future career.

Posted on April 03, 2013