The Wonder of One-Day Volunteer Opportunities:

The Wonder of One-Day Volunteer Opportunities:

By: Kerri Jesson
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As a post-secondary student, it's easy to find yourself always being busy, busy, BUSY. Don't fear! There are still many ways that you can squeeze volunteer work into that schedule! Possibly the best solution that I have found to managing the school-volunteer balance is taking advantage of one-day volunteer opportunities.

By choosing to volunteer for a day every few weeks or so, you enable yourself to test the waters at a variety of organizations, while not having to commit to an extended volunteer period. This allows you to:

1) See if you fit into an organization/enjoy the work
2) Have an outlet from schoolwork when needed
3) Experience a wide range of volunteer environments

In my experience, most organizers of one-day volunteer opportunities will even write a reference letter detailing your efforts, if needed. In addition, it is a great way to connect with volunteer coordinators who might inform you of future volunteer options.

Some organizations/events to consider for one-day volunteer experiences include:

If you can't commit to a lengthy volunteer period I urge you to have some fun and enjoy the variety of opportunities that are only a day long!

Kerri is currently in her second year at SFU and working toward her degree in Business. Through her posts on the ENGAGE blog she hopes to inspire other students to take initiative and become engaged, both at SFU and within their communities.

Posted on December 16, 2012