JobFest 2012: Rock Your Future

JobFest 2012: Rock Your Future

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"Aboriginal youth and Indigenous students are part of a key target group for the JobFest project, with the goal being to get them excited about and engaged with their futures."
-MLA Patrick Bell 
 Minister of Jobs, Tourism and Innovation

What is JobFest?

A Celebration of all of the amazing career opportunities for young people in B.C. Created through the provincial Ministry of Jobs, Tourism and Innovation, the goal of JobFest is to engage with and excite youth while delivering labour market information and showcasing six career exploration tools developed by the ministry.

The tour will make 50 stops in northern and southern B.C. from spring to fall 2012. Visitors will be introduced to career options through face-to-face discussions with event presenters, guest speakers, the career tools, interactive games, and other career-related information. Live rock bands and performers, both local and headliners acts, will provide entertainment on stage throughout the day. Visitors will also receive JobFest giveaways, such as t-shirts, DVDs, and other JobFest related gear as souvenirs of this fun and unique event.

What does the JobFest Crew do?

The JobFest crew engages visitors to JobFest events with tools and resources to help them explore their career direction. A significant aspect of these interactions is the introduction to post-secondary education options, for example via WorkBC career profiles and the Education Planner. In addition, post-secondary institutions and inspiring speakers provide further information in each community.

What career tools does JobFest use?

We are showcasing and demonstrating eight career tools, and the crew is engaging the public to try each of them “hands-on”.  Every career tool has a different software platform. 

Software platforms consist of development software used for programming the career tool features, and, in most cases, a different database management system to contain the data generated during each user session (“user” being a member of the public using the tool “hands-on”, generating their own data from beginning to end of a given session). 

Among other featured activities, JobFest 2012 will showcase six career tools and resources developed by the B.C. government’s Ministry of Jobs, Tourism and Innovation (MJTI). These resources were created to give B.C. youth and jobseekers more information about current career opportunities in the province and help them better identify their future career interests. Follow the links below to begin exploring the career tools and resources. 

Click on the Logos to be directed to the pages.


The B.C. government’s new integrated online career information portal, offering occupation profiles and an education-to-career pathfinder tool. Use the new job search function to explore abundant information from all job postings in B.C. Other features include a cost-of-living calculator for different towns across B.C. and live chat support. For job seekers and those looking to change careers.

A website showcasing videos that highlight popular jobs throughout the province. Follow two Career Trek hosts as they travel 8,200 km across B.C. to bring a variety of careers to life. Experience careers through 52 profile videos and hear helpful tips from each guest. For jobseekers 18 – 25 years old


An interactive tool for exploring B.C. job statistics on more than 500 careers, with outlooks from 2010 to 2020. Compare statistics and job information by year and region to look ahead and make career decisions. For jobseekers 18 years and older.


A Smartphone app for iPhone, Android, Blackberry, iPad and Internet. The career suitability quiz helps you discover the breadth of careers in B.C. that may match your abilities and work preferences. The app provides details on 520 careers and includes information on education, salaries and job prospects. For youth 15 – 25 years old.


A 3-D online video game that lets you explore the many career options available in B.C. and its regions. Badges and mini-games make it fun to “travel” the province and learn about different careers. For children 8 – 12 years old.

 How did you choose where the tour dates would be?

  • First Nations communities that do not normally receive such visits were identified and included on the tour: New Aiyansh, Kitwanga, Iskut, Dease Lake, Prophet River.
  • Other communities on the tour were selected based on the proximity of First Nations and Métis communities in order to reach as many Aboriginal youth as possible.
  • Our Aboriginal Relations Coordinator makes contact with First Nations and Métis communities and Aboriginal organizations across the province to ensure awareness of JobFest events in their communities.
  • The informal launch of JobFest took place at the Gathering Our Voices Aboriginal Youth Conference in Nanaimo March 20 to 23, 2012, exposing JobFest to 1,500 attendees from around the province.

We’d like more info on upcoming tour dates and the overall message to youth in B.C 

JobFest is a rock concert themed mobile event that is designed to get youth and young adults excited about their futures, while teaching them about various tools and resources that government has developed to support them. JobFest will tour 26 communities in Northern B.C. until July, and will visit Southern B.C. in the fall.

JobFest is geared towards youth between the ages of 15-25. This group is at the stage where they are looking into their career future, or still trying to figure out what exactly they want to do. We’re reaching out to them in a fun, interactive and engaging manner that will hopefully spark some interest and passion for future careers here in B.C.

JobFest is designed to engage and inform young people in B.C. about the variety of career options available to them right here in B.C. We’re bringing this important and valuable information to them, and giving them the opportunity to explore some careers that they may never have thought of before, and arming them with information they need to make wise choices about their future.

A full list of dates can be found at

How has job fest been received?

The reports we have received to date indicate that the featured tools, interactions with the crew and local community representatives are inspiring the youth to think about their futures and continue their education. Elders and parents have been involved in promoting awareness among the youth and have expressed their appreciation of the positive influence of such an event. 

Posted on September 11, 2012