Link Round Up: 2014 Co-op Reflection Edition

Link Round Up: 2014 Co-op Reflection Edition

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The most read co-op reflections were collected here in one convenient place to read.  Enjoy, and get inspired for the new year!

Top 10 Co-op Reflections of 2014

  1. A Co-op with Husky Energy (4,697 reads)
    By: Lyndon Fernandes
    Lyndon spent 16 months in Lloynminster Saskatchewan for his Co-op with Huskey Energy. Learn how the experience exceeded all of his expectations and how he learned new skills he never anticipated. 
  2. How do Snakes Poop? (4,148 reads)
    By: Kristina Charania
    For her first co-op, SFU Biology and English student Kristina Charania headed to the heart of Vancouver to work as a Science Facilitator at Science World for four months. Read all about her co-op adventures and challenges under the dome! 
  3. TaLK in Korea (3,497 reads)
    By: Corina Inigo
    Third year Business student, Corina Inigo, shares about her co-op experience with Teach and Learn in Korea (TaLK).  She discusses what TaLK is all about and also shares personal anecdotes from her teaching experience. 
  4. The Secret to Securing your First Co-op Term (3,302 reads)
    By: Kelly Furey
    Kelly is a Communications Co-op student who landed her dream job. She shares how she did this with 5 tips!
  5. A Day in the Life of a Taxpayer Services Agent (3,153 reads)
    By: Haqikat Hans
    Haqikat is a fourth year Business student who worked at Canada Revenue Agency for co-op.  Haqikat shares what training and a typical day looks like as a Taxpayer Services Agent.
  6. The Co-op Life of a Mechatronics Systems Engineering Student (3075 reads)
    By: Austin Tsai
    The Mechatronics Systems Engineering program puts a focus on a broad scope of experience, Co-op student, Austin Tsai shares his three work terms that provided him with a wide variety of experience to match his educational background. 
  7. 5 Ways to Maximize Your Co-op Experience (2,902 reads)
    By: Kelly Furey
    Want to make the most of your work term and thrive in the position? Public Relations Intern Kelly shares 5 tips on maximizing your Co-op experience.
  8. Accounting with the RCMP (2374 reads)
    By: Joey Mak
    Joey Mak: Fighting crime one journal entry at a time. Business student Joey Mak worked an eight month co-op with the RCMP, gaining enriching experiences. From processing salary reconciliations to conversing with officers at the Pacific RCMP Headquarters with a little bit of database management and programming in the middle, this co-op experience had it all.
  9. Anudeep's life changing Co-op Experience (2,539 reads)
    By: Anudeep Chohan
    Anudeep Chohan reflects back on his Co-op experience after completing four Engineering Co-op terms. After completing work terms on and off campus he shares how Co-op shaped his career, and himself.
  10. Surviving the Aftershock of the 9-5 (2,362 reads)
    By: Hailey Mathiesen
    5 Tips on making the adjustment from the student schedule to that of a budding, young professional.
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