Under Construction: Happy Holidays

Under Construction: Happy Holidays

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Hopefully everyone reading this will have finished all their finals and term papers by now (if not, what are you doing? Stop procrastinating and study! Right after you finish reading this of course.)

Now I know that once you’ve made it through that last final the last thing you want to do is spend an afternoon updating your resume or coming up with better buzzwords than “organized” and “efficient”, especially not when there are halls to deck and Christmas specials to watch.

But as much as you want to do nothing more than drink hot chocolate and maybe read a book that isn’t school related, the holiday break can be a great time to work on your resume. Think about it, you don’t have any homework, sure you might be pulling a few extra shifts at work, and there’s always a surplus of family commitments, but stay in for one afternoon and you’ll thank yourself later. I always keep my resume up to date, because you never know when that perfect opportunity is going to pop up, and you want to be prepared.

Luckily for you the OLC has you covered. Hopefully you’ve received at least one of our newsletters this semester, we’ve covered the entire job search process; from writing your resume and cover letter to starting your first week.

So where can you find all of this priceless information? Look above this blog post and you’ll see the “Learn” section of our site. We have sections for resumes, interviews, cover letters, and more. I think you’ll be impressed.

If your interested in some lighter fare, give our first Storify article a read. Roger Takahashi talked to BPAK students about working as a strength and conditioning coach for the Vancouver Canucks, and we live-tweeted the whole thing. Don't forget to tell us what you think of the new format!

We’ve also added new vlogs, including the screen debut of CSI’s David Lindskoog. They’re perfect if you absolutely refuse to read one more unnecessary word during your break (my blog of course being an obvious exception). 

Anyways, I’m off for the holidays, but that doesn’t mean new articles will stop, if you want to keep in touch, follow us on Twitter (@SFU_OLC) where I’ll be sharing article and fun facts all December. Don’t be afraid to reply and say hello!

Have a great holiday everyone, see you next year!



Posted on December 13, 2011