Welcome to the Online Learning Community Blog!

Welcome to the Online Learning Community Blog!

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The OLC (Online Learning Community) blog was created by peers late last year, led by Learning & Writing Peer Ally Chan. Here's Ally in a light-hearted moment!



Ally explains:

 "The brand new peer education blog will serve as a home for the six peer education groups on campus: the career peers, engagement peers, English as an additional language (EAL) peers, health peers, learning and writing (L&W) peers, and sustainability peers. Our goal is to create a common space where the peer education community can interact with one another and the greater SFU population. Here you can find tips from your peers, updates on events, news from alumni and so much more. We are so excited to share this interactive space with you and look forward to your contributions in order to make it a success!"


How to Become Part of the Peer Education Blogging Community

Joining the Peer Education Blogging Community is very easy! All you have to do is:
  1. Log on to http://www.sfu.ca/olc/blogs/peereducation
  2. Create a user account. 

More information will be shared next week on blogging and where to send blog posts. Ally Chan, who spearheaded the creation of the blog, will be joining us for lunch during Monday's face to face training and will be available to answer questions.

Posted on August 21, 2013