Wearing My Power Heels

Wearing My Power Heels

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When kids are young they have blankets or favourite toys. They bring those things everywhere. Sometimes it serves as a friend, or a reminder of home, or just gives them the confidence they need to take their little selves out into the world. Eventually though, most people give it up. Mr. Bear may still sit on a shelf, ready to help them through a particularly tough day, but they aren’t allowed out of the house anymore.

I don’t bring Mr. Bear to work with me, but I have found a substitute to provide that extra confidence boost when needed, and you should too.

My very first Co-op job involved interviewing hockey players, usually surrounded by male reporters. Now, at 5’8, I’m pretty tall for a girl, but in this new scenario I was suddenly one of the shortest. That’s when I discovered my power heels.

I started wearing my heels whenever I knew I'd be doing interviews, and in addition to helping me mak up some height, my heels helped me feel more professional, put together, and generally confident in what I was doing.

Now I use a favourite pair of heels or boots when I need an extra boost of confidence. I like being a couple inches taller, and I love the click-clack sound of heels in an empty hallway. There’s something equally calming and empowering about the sound. Now, whenever I have an important interview, or big presentation, or I just need an extra boost to make it through the day I pick out some heels and I know that even if nothing else goes right that day, I’ll have those to fall back on, and my feet will look great.

Now, your metaphorical power heels don’t need to be actual footwear. They can be any item that you bring or wear that helps you rock out your day. What exactly it is, is up to you. It could be an old watch, or a blazer that fits just right, or maybe a favourite tie or necklace. The point of it is that it gives you an extra boost of confidence. Wearing it is your way of telling the world that you’re ready for whatever it wants to throw at you.

Do you have a power item you use to give yourself an extra confidence boost?  If not, go pick out something and rock it out.

Photo credit: Rock My World with Heels.

Posted on October 27, 2013