Introducing New and Improved Twitter Tuesdays

Introducing New and Improved Twitter Tuesdays

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We’ve been running our Twitter Tuesdays OLC Career Chats for two semesters now, so we decided to switch it up a little for the Spring semester.

Now, if you’re sitting there asking yourself what these Twitter chats are, then I suggest checking out the recaps from our 2013 Summer and Fall chats. You’ll get an idea of how they work, and you might even learn a few things.

We’ve now covered almost a dozen topics during our chats, including resumes, interviews, time management, applying to grad school, preparing for career fairs, and workplace wardrobe choices. During this time we’ve learned a couple of things:

Featured Guests are Awesome

We started to bring in guests for our Fall chats, and we plan to step this up a notch in the Spring. All of our guests have been awesome, bring new perspectives to the topic, and often lead to side conversations or questions we hadn’t even thought of. This spring, after listening to your feedback we’re looking to bring more specialized guests including employers and panelists from events on campus. Stay tuned as we announce who will be joining us this semester.

Not Everyone Can or Wants to Participate

We know that not everyone is comfortable joining in on the discussion (although I suggest reading this post to learn why you should). We know some of you are out there, following the hashtag or reading our recaps, even if you don’t want to jump in yourself, so we decided to make it easier for you.

This semester we’ll be adding an in-person component to the chats. If you’ve even been to a tweet-up it’s the same kind of idea.

From 12 – 1pm we’ll set up the #OLCchat feed on a big screen in with the Career Services office or Student Central (check the schedule here). You can come and hang out, meet some new people, watch how we run the chats, and ask any questions you have on how to join in.

We’re also moving the chats from 2pm PST to 12pm. So you can join us on your lunch break at your desk, or bring a snack along to join in on the chats in person!

Finally, instead of having five set questions, we’re going to let the conversation determine which questions we post, so if you have one you’d like answered make sure to tweet it!

Check out the full schedule here. Make sure to note that we’ve departed slightly from the usual bi-weekly schedule so we could fit in everything we wanted.

We hope to see you online this semester. If you have any questions feel free to tweet us @SFU_OLC or @SFU_Career.

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Posted on January 07, 2014