SFU Dance Marathon: Highlight of the Event This Year and What to Expect in 2017

SFU Dance Marathon: Highlight of the Event This Year and What to Expect in 2017

By: Amy Gill
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SFU ENGAGE blog writer, Amy was able to connect with one of the Co-Presidents of SFU Dance Marathon 2016, Caitlyn Schwab, who answered some questions about how the event went this year.

1. What is your most memorable moment from the Dance Marathon event this year? 

Caitlyn: “This is a difficult thing to pinpoint since Dance Marathon has been absolutely rewarding this year. Between the growths of the team, our two new projects this year (i.e., a high school mentorship program and our first ever Push Day), and of course the actual 10 hour long Dance Marathon event, there were a plentiful amount of memorable moments. I think one of the most memorable moments was when one of our miracle children, Michaela, asked if she could do a little piece of her ballet routine before she went up to do her speech. It was beautiful. To me, that is what Dance Marathon is all about, encouraging these amazing children to be themselves and giving them the opportunities to do so. That is one of the many memories I have been cherishing since the event.  The Dance Marathon movement is one generation fighting for the next; therefore, everything that inspires us is all for the kids (#FTK).” 

2. What do you wish was done differently? 

Caitlyn: “In hindsight, there are several things I would have done slightly differently. However, I think that anyone else who shares a slight perfectionist personality can relate to this feeling. None of those details wound up affecting the team’s overall success, or any of our event visions.”

3. Did you encounter any unexpected setbacks on the day of the event? If so, how did you overcome the situation? 

Caitlyn: “Naturally, when putting on an event of any scale, things pop up on the day of the event that cannot be accounted for. There were a couple of transition issues between performances; however, we had scheduled a couple of activities and performances that were flexible back-up options that could be placed in any time slot. By having a couple these slots in your back pocket during an event, they can be used to combat any potential transition issues and were extremely helpful.”

4. Do you have any advice for the new Co-Presidents? 

Caitlyn: “If I could provide any advice to the new Co-Presidents, it would be to utilize your network connections. There is power in numbers. One of the things Aris (Co-President Dance Marathon 2016) and I are most proud of was our ability to connect up with other clubs at SFU. Our events were more successful because we teamed up with other clubs on campus who shared the same passion and drive of engaging students and producing successful fundraisers.”

Amy also connected with one of the future Co-Presidents for 2017, Anosha Afaq to discuss her goals and visions for SFU Dance Marathon 2017.

1. What are you most excited about as you take on the role of Co-President for Dance Marathon 2017?

Anosha: "The most exciting part about taking on the role of Co-President is getting the chance to not only put together the biggest event of SFU Dance Marathon yet, but also obtaining the opportunity to meet individuals that are immensely passionate about raising awareness for a cause that can truly make a difference. In addition to this, I am looking forward to planning various fundraisers such as bowling nights, bake sales, and many more throughout the year. By holding these events, we get the opportunity to inform others of the purpose of Dance Marathon, as well as raise more funds towards B.C. Children’s Hospital.”

2. What was your most memorable moment for the Dance Marathon event this year? 

Anosha: “There are many memorable moments that I will always cherish from the Dance Marathon event this year. However, the most memorable experience for me would certainly be the speeches that were made by the Miracle Kids, since it was incredibly amazing to hear their discreet stories about how B.C. Children’s Hospital made a positive impact in their life. These speeches played a crucial role in helping people at the Dance Marathon event understand how their donations significantly aid in sparking a difference for many young individuals.”

3. What is something that you would like to do for Dance Marathon 2017 that has not been done in the preceding years?

Anosha: "One of my main goals for Dance Marathon 2017 will be to have more collaboration with B.C. Children’s Hospital. I want to try and possibly arrange a fundraising event at the Children’s Hospital where members of SFU Dance Marathon get the chance to personally inform some of the families about our main event and encourage them to participate. I have many fundraising ideas that I am eager to bring to the table.” 

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