Stressless Interviewing: Information Interviews

Stressless Interviewing: Information Interviews

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Informational Interview, what is it and why do it?

The purpose of the information interview is to increase your knowledge of the career field and to build your network; it is NOT to ask for a job. The goal of an information interview is to learn about an industry, characteristics of a position, occupation or company. Information interview is one of the best ways to meet and establish valuable industry contacts that have the firsthand experience in your fields of interest. It is an “information – gathering” meeting that you arrange and lead.

First step to a successful information interview is to RESEARCH. Start with researching about the career itself; what does the job entail, background of a job, what is the outlook of the occupation in the job market and more. Research different companies that ‘house’ the careers you are interested in.  Once you have a compiled list, start preparing for the interview. Write up an intro script for presenting yourself which should include something about yourself, state the purpose of your request assuring that the purpose is for career research and seeking information only involving 15-20 minutes of their time. Lastly explain the career title and type of work you are interested in researching and why you are interested in the particular company. Once you have all the information organized in your hands you are ready to make the call. Email may not be effective as it can easily be lost amongst vastness of incoming emails in today’s life. Call them. Politely introduce yourself with confidence. And once you set the time, thank them, be punctual, be professional, be enthusiastic and be prepared then you are set to go.

Information interview can help you decide which companies or work environments are the best fit for you. While asking questions, it will give you the awareness you need to choose or refine a career path.

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Posted on March 14, 2012