BC Hydro Power Smart: What’s the Deal with Green Careers, Anyway?

BC Hydro Power Smart: What’s the Deal with Green Careers, Anyway?

By: Annika Reinhardt
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According to the GLOBE Foundation, the demand for qualified professionals in British Columbia’s green economy will grow by 2.6 per cent annually, establishing over 200,000 green jobs by 2020. A pessimist might say that this is not much of a development. An optimist on the other would consider this as being on the right track. What do you think?

Now, I am no psychologist or economist but I see more and more young professionals emphasize the “green” when choosing a career. Making me believe that there are more optimists than pessimists out there.

In my role as Program Manager in Business Development & Partnership at BC Hydro Power Smart, I work with post-secondary institutions across the province. We look at opportunities to collaborate by embedding energy efficiency & conservation content and ideas into programs and courses. The goal is to build students’ skills and knowledge regarding energy efficiency & conservation which will ultimately impact their careers.

You’ll be surprised how many jobs touch on sustainability that might not have the obvious “S” word in the title or even the job description. Take Interior Designers for example. From local material sourcing to lighting decisions, Interior Designers can help realize the sustainability vision of their clients. Should a company go with the new trend of dark walls in their office or opt for lighter colours to minimize the use of lighting and therefore conserve energy? These are decisions Interior Designers can influence.

How can accountants impact the environmental footprint of an organization? It can be as simple as looking beyond the numbers. The Certified General Accountant Association of BC (CGA-BC) is proving that their members are more than number crunchers. Their recent advertising campaign highlights how the profession can help companies realize their sustainability goals.

I believe that you can find a way to contribute to your future employers’ sustainability success, no matter if the “S” word is part of what you are supposed to do or not. As future employees you have the opportunity to take action and support organizations in their environmental efforts. Your contributions may be as small as turning off the lights when you leave the office or as large as improving the energy efficiency of key production equipment.  It’s not about how significant your contribution is but about making a conscious effort to contribute.

That’s the deal with green careers. And if you choose to, it’s a winning deal.

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Annika Reinhardt is a Program Manager in the area of Business Development & Partnerships at BC Hydro Power Smart. In her role she identifies partnership, collaboration and workforce capacity opportunities with organizations and associations to help strengthen and broaden energy conservation and efficiency efforts in the marketplace. With six years of experience in the field, she also led Power Smart’s internal training as well as communications strategy in a previous role. Annika holds a Master in Project Management, a Bachelor in International Management as well as a Diploma in Marketing Communications.

Posted on January 30, 2013