Launching a Career in Sustainability

Launching a Career in Sustainability

By: SFU Career Services
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Just a couple years ago, most people would think of sustainability careers as jobs in tree-planting companies, recycling depots or non-profit environmental advocacy groups.  With a strong global awareness of climate change and environmental crisis, companies and organizations from diverse industries are increasingly answering their calls for social responsibility and joining the sustainability movement. 

You will now find a wide variety of sustainability related jobs in many new and unexpected industries such as organic foods, sustainable consumer products, eco-friendly manufacturing, energy conservation and renewal, pollution control and management, green building, and socially responsible investing.

Whether you are a Science student who is interested in ecology, an Arts student who is excited about policy-making and law enforcement, a Computing Science student who excels at data management, or a Business student who wants to become a market analyst, you can always make your career sustainable!

Tips on Starting Your Career in Sustainability

  • Explore your interests, values, passions and skills
  • Establish and expand your green network – talk to your family and friends, and don’t underestimate who they know
  • Watch out for news on sustainability movements and developments
  • Look for sustainability information on companies’ websites
  • Arrange information interviews with sustainability related companies and organizations that spark your interest
  • Create your own job in the sustainability field! – bring your green ideas to your employer

Resources to get you started:

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Posted on January 29, 2013