Become a Campus Student Ambassador!

Become a Campus Student Ambassador!

By: Christian Guan | SFU Student Ambassador
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One of the most common barriers to becoming involved is simply finding the opportunities to get started. Despite the huge number of opportunities out there, finding access to them can be a daunting task to anybody.

If you are an SFU student who faces the above problem, SFU Surrey Student Ambassadors may just be for you.

The SFU Surrey Student Ambassadors Program was established to “recognize students for their participation, initiative and leadership” and help connect students to various volunteer opportunities in and out of campus. Despite the name being ‘SFU Surrey Student Ambassadors’, the program is fully available to students attending the Burnaby and Vancouver campuses as well.

The way it works is you register an account on their website and then apply for the various postings that they have available. Each posting has a colour designation, with each colour earning you a specific amount of “points”. As you gain more points, you move your way up the Student Ambassador ladder, going from Bronze, Silver and Gold designations. Of course, each level has its perks, and moving your way up gains you access to exclusive Ambassador swag. If you have had previous volunteer experience around campus, you can inform them and get the points for those past opportunities as well. In addition, points are given for workshops you attend (like Passport for Leadership and LEAD).

Doesn’t that sound pretty cool? Having joined only a month ago, I can vouch for this amazing opportunity. From selling toques to volunteering at Open House, the postings available are diverse and applying is literally often with just the click of a button. Although I am slowly working my way up (and am not yet even Bronze-level), this website is too convenient to resist. Much like the compulsion to check Facebook once every hour, checking the Ambassadors website can induce a similar feeling – except with greater social impact , of course.

So what are you waiting for? You, too, can become an ambassador for our amazing school. Check out their website today for more information

Happy volunteering, friends!

Posted on January 06, 2013