How To Resolve Conflict In 6 Steps

Personal Development

Dealing with conflict is a crucial skill. The field of Dispute Resolution offers a variety of methods to manage and dissipate problematic issues. One popular approach is Issue-Based Problem Solving, which I discuss in this post. Read on for a simple 6-step guide to help you address emerging conflicts.

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Passion: The Enduring Debate

Career Exploration

Of the many debates in the career development world, the one over "passion" might be the most volatile. How much of a role should passion play in career choice? Looking at what we mean by "passion" might lead to some new answers.

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What's Possible? You'll Never Know Until You Try


Potential is called potential because it is invisible until you discover it. By discover I don’t mean by observing, instead I mean by trying! Give yourself a chance to try something new and you just might discover a new you!

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Backpack to Briefcase Recap: How to Leverage Your Online Presence to Land a Job

Professional Development

When it comes looking for work today, the rules of engagement in this modern job-finding battle have changed. Gone are the days of simply dropping off your resume at the organizations you want to work for. Employers now have the power and omnipotent ability to shortlist applicants simply by searching for your name online.

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How To Write Your Way Into Grad School

Career Services

Do you dream of getting a masters or professional degree before joining the workforce? Unsure on where to start on that personal statement for your grad school applications? Here’s your one-stop guide to “writing your way into grad school.”

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How To Say Goodbye At Work

Life Experience

Saying goodbye is hard under any circumstance, and people tend to avoid doing it as a result. Workplace relationships end all the time, so what's the best way to end them gracefully? I share my thoughts here.

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DIY Career Opportunities

Workplace Success

Finding a job that you want to wake up for can be a challenge, especially in today’s economy. But what if you could create your own job? I know someone who (almost) did this for themselves and this is his story.


How To Create A Winning Job Proposal

Proactive Work Search

So you want to work for a certain employer, but they don’t have any job openings. What do you do? One option is to create a “job proposal” for the new position you’re aspiring to. Here’s how to do it.

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Use Social Media to find a Job: Attend our Backpack to Briefcase Conference

CSI Blog

Ever wondered what to do after graduation? How can you prepare yourself now for the “unknown” after you walk that stage? Don’t worry, these are questions that are asked by everyone during their university journey.

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Know Yourself To Discover Your Career

Professional Development

Ever just wanted a crystal ball to look into your future and see the perfect career you will enjoy and love to do after graduation? Maybe you can’t tell the future, but understanding your personality is a good start!

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Looking for a Future Career? Come to the miniBIG Fair!

CSI Blog

As the spring semester is coming to an end, it’s time to start planning your summer. Are you wondering what to do?  Do you wanting to do something different this summer?  Don't know where to start?  Career Services’s miniBIGFair – March 7 -- may be might be a good place to begin.

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Do We Need A New Word For "Career?"

Dave's Diary

With the debate around post-secondary education and youth un/underemployment continuing, there are lots of questions to be asked. Do we need a new way to talk about careers? Does the word "career" itself need to be replaced for young people to be more excited and motivated to think about their future?

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From Speech Impairment To Motivational Speaker

Diversity & Inclusion

While sitting at the airport gate last July, waiting to board the plane to Portland and then onto San Jose where I was scheduled to deliver two presentations on web accessibility, I wondered, "How did I, an individual with a significant speech impairment and a physical disability, get here?"

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The Guilt-Free Guide To Changing Your Major

Personal Development

Are you at a crossroads in your university career? Does the stress of changing majors have you doubting whether to make a change? Here are some thought provoking questions that can help guide you on the path to making a choice that’s right for you.

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Generation Jobless?

Work Search

In the wake of a recent CBC documentary called Generation Jobless, there's a big debate going on right now as to the value and responsibility of post-secondary education in Canada. Here are the arguments, and my thoughts.

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The Indigenous Job Market

Indigenous Career Resources

Did you know that persons of aboriginal descent represent the youngest and fastest-growing segment of Canada’s population and they are currently underused in BC’s labour market? According to WorkBC, the aboriginal working-age population is expected to grow by more than 40 per cent by 2017.

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