Feeling Stuck? Press Reset

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You're stuck. Maybe it's a dead-end job, or the sense that you're studying the wrong thing, or with the wrong person, or just in a place you didn't want to end up, but don't know how to leave. If only it were as simple as pressing a button and starting over. We can't do that, but here's the next best thing.

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Work Smarter, Not Harder – Manage Your Time Effectively

CSI Blog

By managing your time effectively, you will be able to feel like you are on top of things, and be more productive, which will result in job satisfaction and most of all…more time to enjoy life!

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Positive Work/Life Balance: Living Well to Learn Well

Top Tip Lists

You may be feeling overworked and it may seem that you just don’t have enough time in your life to do anything, but rest assured, you are not alone. The whole work/life balance is a perception and opinion of one’s own priorities and values. People feel stressed because they find that they do not have time or missed out on a chance to do certain activities.

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An Introvert Career Peer? WHY NOT?

Career Peer

Do you think that most introverts are very quiet, shy, and not comfortable speaking in front of people? Do you believe that extroverts are more outgoing and talkative? Let’s take a look at some common beliefs about introverts and see if they are true or not. You might be surprised to learn that an introvert can also be a Career Peer Educator!

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Nail Yakupov: Emotions At Work Are Okay

Workplace Success

Last night, the hockey world bore witness to a memorable goal celebration by Oilers' rookie, Nail Yakupov. Though it was a memorable moment, controversy and disagreement over whether the celebration was "unprofessional" soon followed, which got me thinking: are emotions acceptable at work?

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Finding a Sustainable, Green, Career

Work Search

Going green is a relatively new practice, and many employers are now interested in ensuring that they are doing everything that they can to be sustainable. So what does this mean to you, the student or new graduate? If you would like to look for new and emerging career possibilities in sustainability or the environment, a green career may be for you. So what exactly is a green career? According to ECO Canada (eco.ca), a green job, or career, is employment that contributes to preserving or restoring the quality of the environment.

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Taking a Closer Look at What Sustainability Means

Sustainability Opportunities

Typically I associate the topic of sustainability with the environment. You know, recycle, reduce, reuse? But as I was looking organizations participating in the recent sustainability fair, I realized that it encompasses more areas that just the environment.

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Six Months To Graduation: Now What?

Katharine Brooks

It’s a new year with many new hopes and dreams. I know what I am thinking about – graduation.  Just imagine the moment of wearing the graduation gown and hearing your name called before crossing the stage. Cameras and chants abound, validating your achievements after years of study. Still, we might ask ourselves, “What's next?” Never fear, chaos theory of careers is here! 

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Get Involved: Engage Your Faculty!

Professional Associations and Clubs

We hope that you have settled into the groove of the new semester, having survived the chaotic first week of locating where your lecture is, and who the smartest-looking kid in your class is. While academics are of priority, you may want to consider how you might get involved with your faculty. Here’s an opportunity for you to expand your passion for what you are studying, be represented in your academic experience, and perhaps get some clarity about your career options and opportunities.

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Setting S.M.A.R.T. Goals!

Personal Development

Many of you have made New Years’ resolutions, to either get in shape or study better for the Spring 2013 semester. However, we all know that it is easier said than done. Setting goals are easy, but accomplishing them is harder. So, to help, we will introduce (or re-acquaint) you with setting SMART goals. What is a SMART goal?

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Use Stories To Refine Your Resume

Career Peers

Despise updating your resume? Here's a technique that uses the stories from your life to bring new life to your resume. By thinking of each job on your resume as a small chapter of your work story, you can create a more impactful document, and you might even enjoy doing it!

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Goals: Not Ikea Instruction Manuals


Given my past rantings on such things as happenstance, chaos theory, and the general unpredictability of life and the world, I would forgive you if you thought that I would be opposed to any sort of goal-setting or similar such planful activities. I actually believe goals can be quite helpful - but only if we stop thinking of them as Ikea instruction manuals.

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Join a Campus Club. You Will Become Awesome!

CSI Blog

The start of the New Year usually means turning over a new leaf, and a fresh beginning to conquer whatever goal it is you wish to accomplish. While your mind is fresh from relaxing over the cheery winter holidays, you might think about what you would like to get involved in during the spring semester. There are many ways to help achieve your aspirations, and one of these methods is to help improve yourself…by joining a campus club!

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Career & Volunteer Services: Healthy Campus Champions!

CSI Blog

Career & Volunteer Services were recently recognized as Healthy Campus Champions! So, how does career education factor into student well-being? Take a look at this video to find out!

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Go International: Why you should travel, study, and work abroad!

Personal Development

Have you ever considered travelling outside of Canada to work or study? Did you know that as an SFU student you have many opportunities to travel, and get credit for it? SFU International has an excellent exchange program in which you can work or study abroad!

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International Students: Break Through The Wall That Blocks You!

Career Peers

Are you an international student that feels like there is a wall that stops you from moving forward? Are you trying to improve your language level, but feel embarrassed communicating in English? You're not the only one. But there are people who are reaching their goals. Find your inspiration and become one of them

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