Recruitment Season! What's Happening On and Off Campus!

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So you have your awesome resume, excellent 30-second elevator pitch, and a ton of research on your favourite employers, the question is: Where can I go to meet/apply to these awesome employers? Well, here are a few things that are happening on, around, and off campus! A couple of tips for success: Do your research, ask questions, and keep your eyes and ears open, as there are tons of opportunities occurring everyday.

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Oh, September: The Time for On Campus Recruitment!

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If you thought you are just getting the hang of the start of the semester, here is another fall semester tradition you may want to particpate in: recruitment season!

So, what is recruitment season all about? Here is our take on "On Campus Recruitment (OCR)".

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Do's and Don'ts for the Big Fair


Check out this list of "do and don't" tips for the upcoming SFU Big Fair!

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Welcome back to the new school year!


With a new semester means that you can turn over a fresh leaf, start new, as it is essentially a fresh start to the academic mindset. Forget whatever happened in the previous semesters; it is now time to think about the future and how to make the best of the new year, so here are some tips to get motivated and engaged!

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Back to School! 5 tips on how to survive and prepare for the new semester!

Back to School

September is here, and as you are busy checking where your classes are and how much coffee you are going to buy for the next four months, it can be difficult to get back into the school routine. This is where we come in, so here is a list of useful tips and tricks to help start the year off right!

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Paying For University: How Far Will You Go?

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As long as the fundamental issue of unequal access to university exists, there will continue to be students who elect to go to less than glamorous lengths to pay for school. Recently, the adult entertainment industry commented that they might look to the universities as a means to recruit exotic dancers. Where is the problem coming from, and where do we draw the line at what we would do to pay for school?

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Dave's Diary: The Best Question You Can Ask


"How did you get to be where you are?" It's such a delectable question. I think that's because it's an invitation to tell a story, and we inherently love stories. It's also a tiny risk, as the person so questioned might decline the invitation.

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Reflecting on your Summer

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The summer has almost come to an end and it’s time to get ready for the start of another semester.


Relax and Recharge for the Fall Semester!

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You just came back from your summer vacation. Or for many students, you are enjoying the short break after completing your summer semester’s final exam. Now it’s a good time to think of ways you can relax and recharge for the fall, as this busy schedule with various obligations and commitments can take a toll on your body.

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Dave's Diary: How To Talk About Yourself Without Being An Arrogant Jerk

Dave's Diary

Did Greenday get it right?  Are nice people no more than spineless wimps, waiting to be crushed by the world's more fortitudinous vertebrates? Cathy Keates offers an alternative point of view.

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The Top 5 Last Minute Interview Tips You Really Need To Know


You’ve done all you can do to prepare for that big interview. You’re professionally dressed, confident and ready to roll. Here are some last minute tips that will ensure you make the best impression possible. 

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Dave's Diary: Cultivating Imagination & The Distraction of Logic


Just think how easy it is for young children to answer the question, "what do you want to be when you grow up?" Most kids won't hesitate to answer, even if their responses seem unrealistic, even impossible to our imaginatively-impaired minds. Not surprisingly, the answer to that question becomes much more evasive as the natural ease and strength of our imagination fades. Is there a way to get it back?

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Dave's Diary: Not An Expert, Don't Want To Be

Professional Development

Have a cold? Take this medicine. Feeling sad? Take these pills. Not sure what to do with your life? Find someone to give you the answer. Anything will do, as long as it doesn't involve a significant personal investment of our own time, effort, or mental energy - after all, we've got better things to do.

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Knowing BC Labour Trends

career insider

Knowing about labour market trends and using the information for your career research and for career decision making will be useful. Read more to learn how the information and the tools can help you with the career research.


"Celebrating BC's Top Employers"

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BC's Top Employers is an annual competition organized by the editors of Canada's Top 100 Employers. Simon Fraser University was one of them. Read more to find out who else was on the list. 

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Access Student Career Development: Now Accepting Applications

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Are you a recent graduate or about to complete the final year of your post secondary education? Are you concerned about finding meaningful employment in a tough job market? Take advantage of this oppotunity and get a head start at your career exploration.

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