Growing Industries in Canada

BC Job Trends

Here in our corner of the country, the arrival of Virgin Atlantic Airways, an 89-acre housing development to be built, and more, British Columbia seems rife with new jobs. Whether you are a recent graduate or at the start of your degree, think about your skill set and where it places you in the Canadian labour market.

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Canada's Best Employers: The Top 100

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Even in tough times, these companies know what it takes to get the most out of their staff and attract the best talent out there. They offer parental leave top-ups, tuition subsidies, flex hours, even private rooms for napping. 



Dave's Diary: Game of Thrones Goes To University

Game of Thrones

What would the characters in A Game of Thrones major in, if they went to a modern day university? I focused on the characters that I found most interesting or noteworthy in my reading of the series - you might have some of your own favourites that I don't get to - I invite you to join in with your own opinions!

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Dave's Diary: Imagination as a Career Skill

Career Exploration

Have you ever thought about how amazing it is that we have the capacity to ​imagine​? What is it that gives me this ability to picture what my future might be like, or for artists to create and portray entire fantastical mental worlds, or for children to spend countless joyful hours pretending to be something or someone else? And what benefit can imagination have on our careers?

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How to Attract Gen-Y Employees

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Read more to see what businesses are doing to attract Gen-Y employees with new expectations.


There’s always a FIRST to everything…so B.R.A.V.E. it out

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Do you have anything that you’ve always wanted to do – from baking to backpacking the wilderness to speaking in front of a crowd – but never muster up the courage to try?  If you are even thinking about tackling a “first”, you may be ready to stretch yourself and do something new.

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Dave's Diary: How Do Career Professionals Help?

Work Search

I know full well the value of talking to a career professional (if I didn't I'd be in trouble). It's knowledge that I take for granted, and every now and then I'm made aware of the fact that this isn't common knowledge - in fact, most people probably have no idea what they can get from working with a career professional!

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Malinda's #1 Resume Tip: Don't Sell Yourself Short!

career advice

The content of your resume should allow your reader to step into your shoes and see the value you brought to your previous employers, as this is where your potential worth as a future employee is best expressed. So do yourself a favour, and don't sell yourself short!

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“Work hard, be kind, and amazing things will happen”

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“Well I am here to tell you that whatever you think your dream is now, it will probably change. And that's okay. Four years ago, many of you had a specific vision of what your college experience was going to be and who you were going to become. And I bet, today, most of you would admit that your time here was very different from what you imagined...."


Knowing Your Alumni Benefits - Don't Say Goodbye Yet

alumni association

Many of you will be saying farewell to dear SFU and to the life of a university student in a couple days. Now you are part of more than 118,000 SFU graduates all over the world. Before you say goodbye, know your benefits for being an SFU Alumni and take advantage of them.


Dave's Diary: Advice From My Dad Part 2 - Make Yourself Irreplaceable


"Make yourself irreplaceable," he would say, regaling stories of his own young employment at a car dealership. "Take the shifts that nobody else wants, work extra hours whenever possible, be the guy that your boss knows they can always count on." Was this really what my dad wanted me to do with my life?

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Career Peers

"There are so many other opportunities at SFU that I wish I had been involved with, some of which I was not even aware." Read this student testimonial and learn what kind of opportunities there are to take advantage on and off campus and how those opportunities helped her develop her skills.

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Dave’s Diary: Discipline Beats Time Management

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I’m from the prairies. I’ve always loved a big, open skyline and an endless horizon. Having moved to the west coast, one of the things I notice frequently is that the coastal mountains do a very effective job of blocking out the horizon and making the sky seem much smaller

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Dave's Diary: Want To Keep Your Job? WALK FASTER

Situational Awareness

Oh, the anguish! The frustration that can only known by being stuck behind a sloth-like, seemingly oblivious to the outside world, slow walker! It seems like everyone hates the experience. So why are there so many slow walkers? Further, what career wisdom can their sluggardly ways impart?

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Super Mom's Code: Work Life Balance

Life Balance

Balancing a career and a family is the biggest challenge that a working mom takes on. How do we balance work and life, that is the question of all working class, and especially a working mom. What are some tips that can be offered for us as we strive to balance work and life?

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Dave's Diary: Feeling Stuck? Put A Halt On It!


You know the feeling of being stuck. Whether in your personal, interpersonal, professional, or any other life, the sense of having fallen out of the groove is always similarly and markedly unpleasant. You're spinning your tires, expending lots of effort with seemingly no forward motion to thank for it. So how do you get out of this funk? Here's a simple strategy for getting "unstuck"

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