Dave's Diary: You're Not An Introvert (And You're Not An Extrovert Either)

Dave's Diary

When it comes to personality, typology seems an intuitive fit. We like to think of ourselves as defined by neat and tidy categories, like introversion and extroversion. But, while there's definite value in having insight about your own and others' personality, our obsession with putting people into boxes can lead to unhelpful assumptions.

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Making the Most Out of Your Next Move

CSI Blog

You have just written your last exam. For some of you that might have been the final exam of your university career, and for others you’ll be back. What are your plans now? Whatever your next move, how are you going to make the most of the opportunity?


Words from Within: A Conversation with SFU Alumnus

Co-op Reflections

"I wanted to give students practical tips on 2 different things. How being SFU alumni can help you secure a job. How staying involved with the SFU Alumni Association is a mutually beneficial relationship." - Travis Wong, BBA '09


Don't Judge A Job By Its Cover


I was hesitant to accept a co-op position because I thought that the skills I would obtain would not at all be relevant to my career path. As it turns out, I learned that trying out things that do not appeal to you 100% at the beginning is often a risk worth taking. Here's my story.

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Dave's Diary: Career Blog Roundup - Awesome Metaphor Edition


I've been reading a few really great articles lately, and instead of trying and failing to come up with something original, I thought I would share some of those articles, along with some of my thoughts about them. Here's five articles I like, complete with commentary, all of which use awesome metaphors to get their career advice across.

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Career Spotlight: Interpreter


What does an interpreter do? Here's a synopsis: Provide spoken language and sign language interpretations in courtrooms, business conferences, political meetings, and anywhere else people from different countries and cultures come together. Read on for more info!


Using Career Cruising to Explore Career Options

Occupational Research

Career Crusing features 450+ occupations, a career matchmaker quiz, and career portfolio and resume builder tools. Plus, as a SFU student, you have free access!

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Am I the Entrepreneurial Type? - Take the Quiz

CSI Blog

Am I the entrepreneurial type? Take a quick quiz from Career Services to see if you have what it takes to be an entrepreneur.




Direct Sales: A Career Option

CSI Blog

Robert Kiyosaki, bestselling author of Rich Dad Poor Dad refers to direct marketing as a career choice of the future, “Network marketing gives people the opportunity, with very low risk and very low financial commitment, to build their own income-generating asset and acquire great wealth.” Read more to find out what this career entails.


Dave's Diary: The Problem With Helping People, Part 2


it seems like everybody wants to help people. Read how career advisor Dave Lindskoog walks through this ubiquitous yet decidedly unhelpful desire with an imaginary student. Make sure to read part 1!

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Dave's Diary: The Problem With Helping People, Part 1

Career Exploration

"I want to help people." I quietly chuckle to myself a little bit every time somebody says it. If only they knew how many times a week I heard those exact words. So, I usually ask them to explain what they mean by 'helping people.'

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Career Portfolio: Making Intangibles Tangible

CSI Blog

The portfolio makes intangibles tangible offering a complete picture of who you are and where you want to go. Portfolios get attention, provide links, and build your credibility and confidence. If you are wondering how to start building your career portfolio click to read more.


Top Ten: Tips For a Successful Transition

Top Tip Lists

If you've recently graduated, or are about to, the prospect of transitioning from the comfort and predictability of a student lifestyle to the dynamic unpredictability of the world of work can seem daunting.

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Olympic Sized Persistence Pays Off


If there’s someone who knows about the terrifying journey that is the work search, it is Marissa Nahanee. She worked on many world class events, including the 2010 Vancouver Olympic Torch relay and visits by Princes Charles and Edward. But Marissa’s job did not just happen to her - she had to work for it.

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Dave's Diary: A BA That's Definitely Not Worth It


The Bold Academy is a 4-week 'potential-building' experience marketed at college students and recent grads. The strategic use of the letters BA suggest that the program is primarily directed at arts students, conveniently playing off the stereotype of the aimless arts student. It's an interesting idea, but is it worth the steep price tag?

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Introducing Carey McBeth for Backpack to Briefcase

Backpack to Briefcase

“We are judged within the first 5 seconds of meeting someone, and I want to ensure that students make the best first impression possible so business relationships have the opportunity to develop.”  Carey McBeth hopes that students see the importance of managing their personal brand.

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