Dave's Diary: Procrastination Problems? Maybe Not...

Life Experience

If you're human, you'll admit to having procrastinated about something. If you're an honest human, you'll admit to having procrastinated about a lot of things. I'll even go out on a limb and say that you've often put some salt in that wound and felt guilty about your procrastination. So what are you going to do about it?

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Dream, Dream, Dream...

SMART goals

For some of us, pursuing our dreams might be completely out of our comfort zone.  We’re happy to work in jobs we feel are our “best option” at the time.  The problem with this is that we become complacent and our motivation and passion slowly start to dwindle.

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Dave's Diary: A Journey Through Movember


Movember. How else could you describe the process of growing and caring for a moustache for an entire month, other than by calling it a "hairy-ing" experience? (I just couldn't help it, sorry!) I had heard about other people getting weird looks and even nasty remarks about their moustaches before (you'll be glad to know I didn't get any nasty remarks, though of weird looks there were plenty). I had prepared myself for these things. However, it's what I didn't expect that I found to be most noteworthy.

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Get An Edge In Your Career Through Mentorship

Career Peers

Having someone who is willing to share their experience with you can make a big difference, however cliché that may sound. Despite many obvious benefits, mentorship has been cited as one of the least-utilized tools for advancing one’s career. With that in mind, learn how to form and sustain a meaningful relationship with your potential mentor.

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Dave's Diary: Career Stylists & The Power of Metaphors

Literary Conventions

It's thought provoking to ask, if you haven't already, "how would I describe what I do if someone asked me to be as succinct as possible?" It wouldn't be succinct at all to describe all the things you do on a daily basis, your responsibilities, your accomplishments, your significance. Nor would it be descriptive enough to only talk about a small subset of those things. So, how can we possibly do this question justice?

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Dave’s Diary: My Fascination With Sigmund Freud

Dave's Diary

Of all the posts I’ve written, the one that seems to consistently get the most page views is this one on strengths and weaknesses, Freud, and Alfred Adler. I guess there’s a lot of psychology students out there scouring the web in search of information on how these two prominent historical figures viewed the issue.

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Just Like Bunko: Leaving an Imprint

Just Like Bunko

During the past five years at SFU, I have been asked multiple times: what do I want to become after I graduate? Every time, I would hesitate before answering. I didn’t have an exact position I wanted to be in, nor did I know whether I would have the skills for whatever that ended up being. Hence, my typical answer: “I don’t know.” To many, uncertainty is uncomfortable.

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Four Tips For A Successful Co-op Experience

Career Peers

Co-operative Education can be an excellent way of enriching your academic experience and narrowing down your potential career options. Employers increasingly cite real-life or internship experience as one of the most desirable qualities in applicants.

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Dave’s Diary: Money Makes You Less Motivated

CSI Blog

Money is a terrible motivator. If I were to say to you, “Reader, I’d like you to come up with a creative way of solving this problem we have,” or “I’d like you to complete this complex task requiring somewhat sophisticated cognitive abilities,” you’d actually perform worse if I offered you a nice chunk of change as a reward.

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Dave’s Diary: Young & Pissed Off

Dave's Diary

“I’m young and I’m pissed off.” What a wonderful quotation, spoken by a student I saw recently. I was captured immediately by how much it conveyed, both cognitively and emotionally, in such few words. The student was discussing their passion for politics and ambitions of being an agent of social change.

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Dave’s Diary: Investing in the Old Boys’ Club

Dave's Diary

Academia is a strong brew, taken without milk or sugar, steeped in tradition, and drunk from ceremonial cups. Its roots extend at least as far back as Plato’s Academy and perhaps as long ago as 2257 BC in China.

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Dave’s Diary: Ryan Kahn – Another Pretty Face, Or A Career Hero?


Dr. Phil. Dr. Drew. Dr. Oz. I’ve long had a distrust of these kinds of "celebrity experts", but never really felt like I had too much to say about them. This week, though, I added a new name to that list, and felt it significant enough to break my silence on the issue.

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Dave’s Diary: Details Matter – In Defence of Grammar Police

Dave's Diary

Do they drive you up the wall? You wouldn’t be the only one. All you have to do is visit a discussion board wherein some unfortunate soul uses “there” in place of “they’re,” totally distracting from an otherwise coherent and possibly even convincing argument.

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Dave’s Diary: Time Management is a Crock

CSI Blog

Have you ever thought about how absurd the phrase “time management” is? I was just thinking about it and, as I am wont to do, was struck by the underlying semantic silliness of the what is to my mind yet another example of the ongoing corporatization of our lives. So, allow me to spend some time talking about time management.

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Dave’s Diary: How to Bask in the Sunlight of Your Career


"So, if I don’t have a plan, do I just sit around and wait for stuff to happen?” You might ask. “How am I supposed to know what to do if I don’t know where I’m going?” Is another one I sense a lot of in my work with students.

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Guest Post: The Art of Studying

Academic Success

Studying: some like to start weeks in advance, some like to prepare days ahead, and some like to cram. Which one are you? For students, study habits are often a discussion starter. My own peer groups vary from those that frequently talk about how much there is to prepare for exams, those that don’t talk about school at all, and those in which we discuss our mutual last-minute “preparations.”

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