Peeriodical: Harness the Power of Networking at SFU


In today’s competitive job market, no matter what field or industry you are in, the key to discovering the hidden job market is through networking.  It’s all about “who knows you”.  Networking involves mutually connecting and building a relationship with others at a personal and professional level as sources of information and support.

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No One Wants Your Germs

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You can hear the person in the next cubicle coughing.  The student next to you in lecture hall goes through a box of tissue in one class.  You see people in masks casually walking around going on with their business as if that will stop their germs from getting to you….or worse, you ARE one of these people.

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Interested in Being an Entrepreneur?

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Venture Network (VN) is a new student-run entrepreneurs’ organization of passionate and motivated youths of all educational backgrounds who are interested in, or have begun, their entrepreneurial adventures. VN encourages and supports the development of new and existing ventures amongst its members through mentorship and collaboration.

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Internship: a personal voyage


I write here today on the last day of my internship at SFU Career Services, thinking back over the past six months in fond remembrance. Six months ago I didn’t know what to expect. I mean, let’s face it – I was about to commit 150+ hours out of my already full schedule to an organization for no monetary compensation.

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The Perfect Fit

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We spend over 50% of lives working. Under this circumstance, it makes perfect sense to engage in a job that makes us happy; something we are passionate about. I am sure we have all encountered the question “How do I know this is the right job for me?”

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