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So you want to go to graduate school?

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Grad school...hmm? Should you go to graduate school right away, or is waiting and going travelling or to work right for you? You want to make sure you make the best decision for yourself. There are many factors that go into your decision, both personal and external ones, such as what your research interests are, if you want to stay close to home or move away, as well as your experience and most of all, your GPA. You face pressure from parents, and most of all, yourself.

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Convocation! 3 Things to Think About When Graduating

Personal Development

The world is your oyster. How many times have you heard that already? In two days, you will have walked across that stage with your parchment in hand: a result of your four to five (or more) years of hard work. While we will leave all the emotional, heartfelt speeches to the esteemed speakers on stage, we decided to write a congratulatory and advice piece for those that will be receiving their diverse degrees, as well for students who will be graduating in the near future.

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4 days, 2 campuses, and one BIG FAIR!

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On September, 17-20, SFU has seen one of its most successful career, graduate, and volunteer fairs to date! It facilitated lots of engagement and interaction between 3000+ students and the over 120 organizations who participated! For those that missed out, here is a recap of the event:

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Choosing Your Major? Unsure of your options?

Academic Success

For many students, picking a major and/or minor can be a very intimidating and daunting task. Should you major in Chemistry or go for a major in Communication with a concentration of Political Economy and Policy, or do a double minor in Linguistics and French?

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Jobs on Campus!

Work Search

A lot of students do not realize that there are numerous opportunities to work at, or for SFU. Many of these student-oriented positions are geared towards the personal and professional development of the student, as well as to get a particular job done! Read on more to find out which organizations routinely hire:

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Recruitment Season! What's Happening On and Off Campus!

Professional Development

So you have your awesome resume, excellent 30-second elevator pitch, and a ton of research on your favourite employers, the question is: Where can I go to meet/apply to these awesome employers? Well, here are a few things that are happening on, around, and off campus! A couple of tips for success: Do your research, ask questions, and keep your eyes and ears open, as there are tons of opportunities occurring everyday.

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Oh, September: The Time for On Campus Recruitment!

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If you thought you are just getting the hang of the start of the semester, here is another fall semester tradition you may want to particpate in: recruitment season!

So, what is recruitment season all about? Here is our take on "On Campus Recruitment (OCR)".

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Welcome back to the new school year!

The Big Fair

With a new semester means that you can turn over a fresh leaf, start new, as it is essentially a fresh start to the academic mindset. Forget whatever happened in the previous semesters; it is now time to think about the future and how to make the best of the new year, so here are some tips to get motivated and engaged!

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Back to School! 5 tips on how to survive and prepare for the new semester!


September is here, and as you are busy checking where your classes are and how much coffee you are going to buy for the next four months, it can be difficult to get back into the school routine. This is where we come in, so here is a list of useful tips and tricks to help start the year off right!

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